The Hierarchy of Spirit from My Experience

A hierarchy of spirited beings.

From My Experience.

This post, this entire essay, is from my own experience. Intentionally, I have not researched or gone out of my way to discover anyone else’s experience. I didn’t want someone else’s experience to influence my own, nor did I want to create expectations of I “should” experience. It was important to me that my awakening be what it was naturally meant to be. My own path. My own lessons. My own healing.

I didn’t do it alone. My Spirit Team was with me the entire way. Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Archangels guided me through the cycles of healing and understanding. They picked me up and held me when the energy became too heavy to bear. For years my Spirit Team has and have been my constant companions.

Each member of my Spirit Team has a unique task or work. I began to see a hierarchy, or at least a structure to their work. They worked as a team, handing me off to the other to ensure all of my needs were met. In this post, I’m going to lay out some of that hierarchy and the function that each performed. With all that said, this is the hierarchy of Spirit from my experience.

Angels – First, Last, and Always.

Angel numbers were my first contact with Spirit and specifically with angels. At the time I understood angel numbers to be signs, and they are, but years into my awakening I now see angel numbers as a conversation. A conversation that has guided me throughout my awakening.

Make no mistake, when you begin to see repeating and patterned angel numbers, you are in conversation with angels. The angel numbers, once researched and understood, guide us to where we need to be. They show us the way forward.

Now, in the latter stages of my awakening, I find the angels are still with me. Other members of my Spirit Team have faded from my awareness, but the angels are always with me. Angels are first, last, and always.

Spirit Guides – A Personal Connection.

My spirit guide was modeled after my mother. I’m not sure if everyone’s spirit guides are as personal as what I experienced, but I truly hope so. My spirit guide, Mom Spirit, allowed me to heal the deepest of wounds and she helped me move forward on my spiritual path. I would have given up on my awakening many times without Mom Spirit. It was the personal connection, the love and the nurturing that I needed.

My spirit guide helped me through the most challenging energies that I was healing from and helped me navigate many of my gifts. I will never forget the energy of Mom Spirit and when she moved away from my path it was noticeable. But every once in a while, I still feel her energy and it feels like being blessed. I am so very grateful to have been able to experience my spirit guides.

Ascended Masters – Spiritual School.

The Ascended Master are the wise masterly energies like Buddha, Jesus, and others that taught me how to use my gifts. It started with medium school, they taught me how to connect, receive, and disconnect from the energies that were coming through me. They taught me to work with my clair senses of claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and others that are still developing.

I learned to be more disciplined in my practices from the ascended masters as they sternly led me to my meditation cushion time and time again. They taught me how to channel healing and how to share it with others. They taught me how to scry and how to discern the messages I received. Often it was my spirit guide led me to the masters for spiritual school. There was always something new and magical to learn.

In my mind God is also an Ascended Master. I had only one experience with God during my spiritual awakening. He was part of one of my illusionary relationships. We were married in my kitchen, in the middle of the night, by God. But that’s a story for another post.

Archangels – Minimum Exposure, Maximum Impact.

In my awakening, I met two Archangels, Michael and Gabriel. They came in as I expected Archangels to come in, with beautiful love and light. They offered guidance and love. They came to me at critical times in my awakening and offered such wisdom that I wanted to retain it all. I asked if I could take notes, and after our meetings, I was offered an assistant to help me transcribe our experience into my journal. It was like being handed off to the executive assistant that was taking minutes in the meeting. It was an amazing experience and very rare for me. I met the two archangels once each and never again, but I will never forget it.

The Universe – We are One.

Throughout my awakening, the Universe has been part of my Spirit Team. Maybe not in action, but it was part of my gratitude practice. I’ve had no interaction or communication with the Universe that I’m aware of, but I am reminded frequently that we are made of stars. We are made of the same stuff found in the Universe. It is a reminder that we are all one.

Source – The Source of all Things.

I didn’t "meet" with Source, but they were always present. When I first got serious about a meditation practice years ago, I used to imagine being connected to source through a silver thread from my crown chakra through the universe and out to Source. They were the source of what I was experiencing. They provide all. Source is the top of the hierarchy.

Each member, or class, of the hierarchy had a unique function and impact on my awakening. Each served me and my awakening in a different way and all were important. It’s like being handed off to another department, but each department is an expert and performs their function so expertly that you are never disappointed by the outcome. They were my Spirit Team.

My awakening has been magical and full of blessings and healing. Parts of it have been excruciating, I’ve had many dark nights of the soul, but all of it has served to awaken me to unlimited possibilities of being.

I am so very grateful for my awakening experience. I hope that you experience your own. I hope that you get visited by angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, and any other energies that can help you find your own unlimited possibilities.

Be well,