There is Magic.

Even though I often write about the challenges of healing during my spiritual awakening, there is also magic. Some days the magic is what reinvigorates me and keeps me going on the path. Some days are truly magical all on their own.


A Magical Morning.

Being in nature is very healing for me. On a recent morning, I was wrestling with some spiritual growth and decided I needed a dose of nature. It was a warm, late spring morning. The grass was as green as it gets, trees and shrubs were blooming. The park was alive with children and parents, dogs playing fetch, and walkers like me. The energy was as vibrant as the day.

As I was walking the path around the park and mulling over my current energy, a crow hopped by me and cawed at me several times. I greeted the bird knowing that it was a message from spirit. I watched the loud bundle of black, high-gloss feathers hop away.

A few steps further on the path, I stopped. A woodpecker was in front of me excavating a crack in the sidewalk. I watched it for a moment. I had never seen a woodpecker work on the ground, it was fascinating. Eventually, it stopped and flew to a nearby tree. As I walked by that part of the sidewalk, I noticed the crack was full of panicked ants. I made a mental note to look up woodpeckers for the symbolism and continued walking around the park.

A short while later and while still in the park, a butterfly fluttered close to and around me. I giggled out loud and watched it flutter away. It was magical. Butterflies are a known symbol of transformation. It was then that I got curious about all the animals I had seen that morning.

When I got home, I started researching the symbolic meaning of the crow, the woodpecker, and the butterfly. While they all have many meanings, each one is also a symbol of transformation. During that morning walk I was surrounded by signs and messages of transformation. It gave me hope to keep going on my spiritual path. It was a magical morning.


Angelic Support.

There is also magic in the support I receive from my angels and spirit guides. I have been visited and guided by both Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel. During the deepest healing and most challenging days, my spirit guide “mom spirit” visits for one-on-one guidance. They all bring their own brand of magic.

When I am working my way through a healing cycle, doing my version of “the work”, I am supported.  This is new, just within the past couple of weeks. To have someone answer when you’re calling on angels is the most amazing and magical experience of my life.

The archangels bring wisdom, love, and peace into my soul. Their visits are infrequent and very powerful. When I channel archangels, I begin to cry and release. Their energy is pure love and light. I have wondered if I’m crying from release or from the beautiful energy that they shower me with.  It is that beautiful and magical.

Mom spirit’s “voice” comes through with sage and spicy advice. She helps me laugh through the pain. Her spiritual wisdom and sharp wit are balm to my soul when I’m in the crying and releasing phase of my healing cycle. Her guidance has been critical in the moments I become lost. Her magic is love and support.


Synchronicities are a Kind of Magic.

When I’m able to turn my thinking around and focus on the spiritual aspects of the situation, I am showered with synchronicities. Mid-way through my spiritual awakening they started as number sequences but have since developed into physical manifestations. I receive guidance through all sorts of synchronicities. They are a kind of magic all their own.

When I am processing emotion and doing the work, my vibration dips as I feel it to heal it. It is then that my angels and spirit guides hold back and wait for me to learn and grow, unable to pierce the low vibrational energy. Then I remember the lessons they have taught me and I to surrender doubts and fears to the angels and spirit guides. It’s then that shower me with synchronicities, support, and encouragement.

I guess this is what happens when you follow through on your spiritual awakening, magic happens. I didn’t expect it, but I did ask for guidance. I just didn’t realize that the guidance would be so hands on and personal. I am fully supported by angels and spirit guides, and I am grateful for it. May the magic find you one day.


The image used today is mine and is of the magician card from the Tarot of the Cosmic Seed, a rainbow quartz skull, and some rose quartz.

Be well,