Spiritual Writing Services

Are you looking for a writer with years of experience specializing in

spirituality based blog posts, content, video scripts, or copy writing?

Look no further, you've found one in me.

I will help you refresh your website with new blog posts.

I will help you with fresh content or video scripts that you don't want to write.

Need help with your website copy? I can help with that too.

Why work with me? 

I started this website, including the weekly blog, in 2020 and have been writing about spirituality ever since. I write about spirituality in blog posts, social media content, website copy refreshes, and YouTube scripts. All of it focusing on spirituality.

When writing, I connect with source and create from my heart and soul. I never use AI. 

The topics I specialize in: 

              Spiritual awakening, sexual awakening, kundalini awakening

               Chakra healing and awakenings 

               Aligning with our Divine Life Path and Soul's purposes


               Synchronicities – numerical and physical

               Channeling with the Divine/Spirit

               Receiving downloads of energy

               Psychic experiences

               Claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairalience

               Energy healing – receiving and channeling outward

Please note - I am an expert in spirituality, not religion. 

   My Rate.

 $44 - per hour for all forms of writing - blog posts, content, video scripts and copy

 I am currently invoicing and accepting payments through PayPal. 

   How to work with me. 

    Email me at nikkideforestconsulting@gmail.com

    In the email, please include

               The type of writing you're requesting - blog post, content, video script, or copy.

               A brief project summary if you have one in mind.

               The deadline or timeframe for the project.