Spiritual Consulting

   Consultation Session Options. 

     All options are available as Zoom or phone meetings. 

              $77 - one hour. For an in-depth conversation. 

              $55 - half hour 

              $22 - 15 minutes. For a quick question.

     I am currently invoicing and accepting payments through PayPal. 

   How to work with me. 

    Email me at nikkideforestconsulting@gmail.com

    In the email, please include

               Your choice of session options.

               Your preference of either a Zoom or phone meeting.

               Your intention for our session. 

     My intention for our session is to help you find the answers you seek. 

Why work with me? 

Our spiritual awakenings, our spiritual paths, can sometimes become challenging. We may find ourselves wanting to talk with someone who has experienced something similar. That’s how I can help.

I’ve experienced many blessings and challenges along my path. My spiritual experience and training provide me with the gifts and skills to help others find their way along their own path.

For those of you new to me and my work, I’ll list here some of what I experienced during my spiritual awakening. Note that many of these experiences continue for me.

My spiritual experiences:

               Spiritual awakening, sexual awakening, kundalini awakening, heart awakening.

               Synchronicities – numerical and physical

               Channeling with the Divine/Spirit

               Downloads of energy              

               Claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairalience

               Energy healing – receiving and channeling outward


               Alignment with my soul's intention and purpose

My experience based on training:

               Trained as a life coach in 2020.

               Mindfulness training in 2020.

               Meditation teacher training in 2021.

Our spiritual awakening, and spiritual paths, are unique to each one of us. I would be honored to be a resource to you on your journey.