About Me

We never know where life is going to take us. We have desires for what we want our life to be, so we take action to make that happen. Sometimes we wake up and no longer resonate with the life we built. So, we seek a different path. And, if we do the work and follow our intuition we get redirected towards our higher purpose.

In 2016 I had a long, more than 20-year, career in accounting and finance. It was a well-rounded career that included both advancement and burnout. Then one day I realized the career that I had nurtured for so long had become unfulfilling and unhealthy for me.

My relationships too, were no longer healthy for me. It became apparent that I needed my life to change, but I had no idea how to make the huge changes I desired. For a time, I didn’t know what to change. I only saw limitations and the fear I felt was overwhelming. I hired a career coach to help me sort out my career and she helped me see things differently.

In 2019, after an astrology natal chart reading, something changed. I left the reading with a new sense of hope and an energetic charge. It was the inspiration I needed to help me envision an entirely new life for myself, one that included spirituality.

In 2020, everything changed. I left my job, trained to become a coach at Co-Active Training Institute, and I opened a coaching practice. In August of 2020, I began writing a blog about personal growth. I was working on myself, and I could sense changes happening within me. I learned to feel the full spectrum of emotions. It was an exciting and scary time as I navigated all the changes in my own life and in the world.

After an intense period of nothingness, I became aware that I was experiencing a dark night of the soul. That meant that I was also experiencing a spiritual awakening. In that moment, I vowed to “see it to the end”, whatever that meant. My life started to change in ways that I didn’t quite understand, but I continued. My blog shifted from personal growth to spirituality and spiritual awakening.

I began studying spiritual topics and spiritual awakening. I studied mindfulness online with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield. I studied to become a meditation teacher with Lorin Roche, PHD, and Camille Maurine at Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher Training. I took courses in consciousness with Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng. Every step I took deepened my spiritual life and furthered my awakening process.

In 2021, while training to teach meditation, I experienced my karma when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Decades of self-neglect were being balanced by the intense self-care that cancer required. My entire life, published articles, and the blog shifted again. I closed my coaching practice and wrote about my breast cancer journey. I wrote to give my cancer purpose and to give it meaning. My spiritual training helped me through it all.

It was while healing from cancer that my spiritual awakening continued to expand and grow. The psychic experiences changed me, and I began to write about them. My blog shifted back to spirituality. Around this time, I learned to receive downloads. I learned to connect with spirit and channel, and I learned to work with energy.

Also in 2021, my desire to create content about spirituality grew so I started a YouTube channel. I enjoyed sharing my experiences and the wisdom I had received. Keeping up my spiritual awakening process and the YouTube algorithms proved a bit too much for my body that was still recovering from cancer. I learned to balance my life between doing and being, between spiritual practice and creativity.

My spiritual awakening continued, and I continued to channel with Spirit and communicate with the ethereal realms. My clair sense grew and I experience clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience, and occasionally clairalience. I learned to connect with my intuition more deeply, and to trust it completely.

I was guided to energy healing, energy releasing, and other energy practices. I cleared karma by learning to care for my energetic and physical body. I cleared ancestral karma. I was inspired to share my gifts and continued to write and make videos. All the while parts of myself were still awakening.

I experienced a sexual awakening and soon after a kundalini awakening. In time my heart also awakened. It all moved so quickly, I tried as best I could to share my experiences and wisdom. Writing about it helped me process the changes that I was experiencing, and it allowed me to give back some of the wisdom I had received from spirit.

As I learned to communicate with my spirit team, my awakening moved even faster. I was learning and growing as fast as I could move through the cycles of change. My spirit team guided me forward through inner work and healing. They guided me through psychic growth and to the gift of mediumship in which I found deep healing.

At some point in 2023, what seemed like pieces of me integrated into our higher self. It was then that we found a deeper connection with our soul. Over time I connected with my soul’s intention and purposes for this life. I learned to follow my intuition and spiritual guidance to align with my highest expression of authenticity and with our purpose.

I’ve learned to see my own inner Divinity, which allows me to see it in others. I understand now that we are all one. We are one with the Divine because we are the Divine. I am still human and remind myself of this when I practice compassion.

The fear that used to be my inner world is gone, and I now see unlimited possibilities for my life. I see that I am not alone as I used to feel. I am surrounded by spirit and am never alone. My life has changed completely. I learned to love myself and this life. I learned to love being this soul having their human experience.

My awakening continues. I’m not sure there will ever be an “end” to it. I love this life. It’s not anything that I ever expected my life to be, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love writing about spirituality. I love talking about it. I love connecting with spiritual beings and beautiful souls.

I’ve also found my soul’s purpose, several of them. I’ve learned to align with my Divine life path and from that my soul purposes emerged for me. A few years ago, I could not have imagined what my purpose was. But now, I get to live it every day. I am so very blessed and grateful.

Throughout my awakening journey, there have been challenges and beautiful magic. I have experienced things I didn’t know were possible. My body, mind, heart, and soul have released the old trauma energy and have opened to new energies. It has been the most beautiful, magical, abundant, spiritual journey.

Now, years into my spiritual awakening, I have discovered several of my soul's purposes for this life. Part of that is to help others navigate their spiritual path and awakening journey. I do that in several ways. 

Blog: new posts every Monday, and sometimes more, about all things spiritual. Topics include how to find your soul's purpose, mediumship, spiritual awakening, and so much more.  

Writing Services: My years of experience writing about spirituality during my spiritual awakening combined with my coaching training, mindfulness training, and meditation teacher training make me especially qualified to write your spiritual blog, content, or copy.

Consulting Services: Our spiritual paths are unique and sometimes challenging. My experience and training make me uniquely qualified to be a resource to you on your spiritual path.  

I look forward to working with you on your journey. 

I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well beautiful soul,






What's New on the Blog

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    Apr 22, 24 10:23 AM

    A figure on a background of ethereal colors. The figure has a flame at the center, a soul flame.
    Integration is a relationship.
  2. Soul Integration

    Apr 15, 24 11:41 AM

    A graphical image of someone with their arms around themselves, hugging themselves.
    I didn't know it was a thing until I experienced it.
  3. The Remembering

    Apr 08, 24 10:21 AM

    A close-up image of snow that looks like infinite flakes of snow.
    A visit to the soul realm helped me, and my soul, remember the meaning of life.
  4. How to Become a Better Manifester

    Apr 01, 24 12:07 PM

    An image of a crystal, astrology chart, tarot cards, and crystals.
    I share my tips for becoming a better manifester while watching your favorite energy readings.
  5. Healing Through Spiritual Awakening

    Mar 25, 24 01:53 PM

    Photo of a water lily amongst the lily pads.
    All the ways I've healed through my spiritual awakening.
  6. Finding Bliss Again

    Mar 18, 24 01:15 PM

    Sunrise over a distant city.
    What is bliss, and how I manifest more?
  7. Ego Death, Dark Night, and Re-Birth

    Mar 11, 24 12:00 PM

    A drawing of the mythical phoenix rising over a background of smoke and ash.
    It has been a week that has both shattered me and put me back together.
  8. My Most Authentic and Vulnerable Post Ever

    Mar 06, 24 11:08 AM

    My hands on my chest in gratitude.
    The one where I tell the truth about current challenges in my life and ask for help.
  9. A Spiritual Course Correction

    Feb 26, 24 12:18 PM

    A bridge over a fast, flowing river.
    Re-learning to go with the flow and surrender to my Divine life path and soul purpose in challenging times.
  10. Spending Time with Soul Family in Mediumship

    Feb 19, 24 11:31 AM

    An image of my altar with white candle lit and glowing.
    The vortex of energy created when soul family connects is powerful.