Channeling, Clair Senses, and Mediumship


I began channeling energy in 2021. It is through channeling that I receive downloads for spiritual growth, spiritual healing, and spiritual gifts. I have navigated the latter part of my spiritual awakening and realized intuitive gifts all through an energetic channel, a direct connection with spirit.

One night, during a channel, I was told to sit up, back straight, feet on the floor. This was the posture that spirit wanted me to hold while channeling. That was the first lesson, there would be many more. I was now enrolled in spiritual school.

My spirit guides taught me to work with the energy of the channel. They showed me how to hold the energy and how to open it wide and push it out to my energy body. We worked with increasing the strength of energies, sort of tolerance building. Over the course of many evenings and many channels, I have learned to work with energy.

Not every channel is school. I’ve also received a great deal of energy healing. I’ve worked with two spiritual healers that I hired to help me through cancer and spiritual growth. After the second energy healing, angels and spirit guides began working through me directly. It felt magical then and it still does now.

One night, during a healing, I could feel them in my chakra system. When they completed, I asked if I could receive physical healing for my body which was recovering from cancer surgery and radiation therapy. I felt it was worth a try. There was no immediate answer, but I got the impression that they were checking. Then I heard, “there’s damage” in reference to my cancer damaged heart chakra. I replied with “Yes, I know. Please do what you can.” It’s rough healing the surgically damaged parts, but the next day, I felt better, more healed.

I wasn’t magically healed and cured that night. We continue to work on the healing. I do my part in the physical plane and my spirit guides help me with healing energetically. In spiritual school, they taught me how to use my energy to heal myself. I will share that in a future post.

I still channel almost every day. My gifts are continuing to develop. My spiritual path continues.   


Clair Senses.

Clair senses are our intuitive gifts. The clair senses that I have realized in that past year are claircognizance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and clairvoyance.

Claircognizance showed up first for me. It’s an inner knowing. I just know things about people, places, and things. When I get a knowing, it’s impossible to say how I know it or where I know it from, I just know it.

Clairsentience is the ability to feel what others are feeling or experiencing. I can sometimes look at someone and know their pain and emotions. I feel the person’s energy and know what they are dealing with in their life. It’s as simple as getting a vibe or as complicated as knowing someone’s deepest pain. I’m not sure when this sense showed up. It feels as though it’s been with me for a while.

Clairaudience is the intuitive gift of hearing. I “hear” some things intuitively. Spirit sends me messages and we have conversations. I ask about the channeled energy, and I hear their answer intuitively. My spirit guides will send me music lyrics that convey a message that help me in my current situation. This gift feels newer, like a more recent addition.

Clairvoyance has developed within the past few weeks. My spirit guides send me images. They are images of people and places that I haven’t experienced yet. I look forward to learning and growing this gift more fully.

The purpose of sharing what I understand of my gifts is that they are all connected and working together for the next gift that I received from spirit.



I’ve recently realized that all the channeling, healing, and gifts of clair senses have been leading up to a gift I could never imagine. I have begun mediumship. I am becoming a medium.  

Mediumship is the ability to connect with spirits that have transitioned beyond the physical plane. I’m still getting comfortable with the idea. Now in mediumship school, I am learning about and developing my philosophy for this new gift.

My first experience with mediumship was something quite common. When the energy began, it felt different. It felt faint and kind of shy. Then I felt it moving around my ankles like a cat. Like my cat. I recognized his energy. It was Jack, my tuxedo cat that passed away from cancer about four years ago.

He told me I was a “good mommy, the best mommy” and “lots of food”. He said he “liked the toy with the hole where the treats came out”. (It was a toy that I had made for him, an empty plastic soda bottle with a treat-sized hole in the side. I would put treats in it for him, and he’d roll it around until he retrieved and ate all the treats.)

He then jumped up on my lap and curled up for a nap. In that moment, I heard my spirit guide say “medium”. I knew then that I was channeling Jack’s spirit. I was experiencing mediumship. We touched noses, “kissing” like we did before he transitioned. I saw his eyes. I felt his warmth, his silky tuxedo fur, and I smelled his cat breath. (Is that clairalience developing as well?)

Since then, I have channeled two human spirits, one was my mother-in-law with a kind and loving message. The next spirit I connected with was an intentional connection. I had reached out to a friend to help me practice my newfound mediumship and connected with their grandmother, or perhaps a great-grandmother. The messages will remain private.

I am currently practicing and growing my gifts. If you would like to connect with me to receive a reading and help me develop my talents, please reach out on the social media platform where you found this or email me. Contact information can be found on my website. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with you.



My Spiritual Life.

I didn’t ask for this life, but I did choose it through my actions. My regular spiritual practices gave the foundation for spiritual growth. My meditation practice is the lubricant for my spiritual life. My willingness to follow my intuition, wherever it called me, meant that I was following a spiritual path set out for me by my spirit guides. My willingness to surrender to spirit has allowed some amazing things to happen for me.

I never thought that this would be my life. Fourteen months ago, I was building my coaching practice. I had no idea that I could or would develop intuition, clair senses, and now mediumship. What a beautiful, strange, spiritual life this is.


The picture used today is mine. The High Priestess and Nurturer (Queen) of Cups are said to be the most intuitive cards in tarot. The cards are from the Tarot of the Cosmic Seed by Lalania Simone, who is local to Denver. It is a first edition and a beautiful deck that has helped me understand the classic tarot better. If it speaks to you, I encourage you to follow your intuition.


Be well,