Medium School

Another week another healing cycle. I am not going to sugar coat it I am exhausted. Channeled energy, healing, mediumship, it's all happening so very fast. As my awakening has progressed, everything has sped up. My intuitive gifts are developing rapidly, and I entered medium school.



Another one of my cats came to me in mediumship. Her name was Princess. I called her “P” among many other names. She was the best cat I ever had the pleasure of caring for. We euthanized her on March 17th of 2020 just as the world was shutting down for the pandemic. I held her in my arms as she passed quietly with the assistance of the veterinary staff.

She came to me in mediumship as silently as she walked the earth. I had no indication that P was coming through. I felt something and intuitively asked, “P?”. I asked for confirmation of what the energy was. It was confirmed and I let out a silent scream. Not of fear, but of release. It felt like all my grief and pain related to P, left my body at the same time.

The big, fat, juicy tears of release followed my silent scream. Then we communicated. She said that she loved sitting with me on the blanket, “on your lap”. She was referring to an orange throw blanket that we both loved. She said, “I loved sleeping with you.” We kept each other warm many nights.  

And then she said something that made me cry even harder, “I’m sorry I had to go, but I was ready.” I told her that I knew she was ready. Her cancer had advanced, and her quality of life was suffering. I said, “I knew you were ready.”

Here last words to me were, “If I come back, I will find you.” I cried harder than I thought possible and eventually replied, “Okay, P.” I love/loved that cat and I hope we do find each other again on our paths.


Medium School.

The day after I met P in mediumship, I began medium school. It’s not a brick-and-mortar school, or an online webinar, it’s channeled lessons with an entity called “UM”. He’s small and kind of posh like a mini cartoon butler. I am getting ahead of myself so I will start at the beginning.

One evening, after channeling healing energy, I was taken to a space like a dark auditorium that seemed to be in the night sky. I was shown a telephone switchboard. It was like the ones in classic films with women plugging in cables to initiate calls and pulling the cables to end the calls.

Then a mediumship channel opened with a lively and fierce energy. I asked who it was, and we began communicating using a code. A “yes” answer was a right side twiggle. A “no” answer was either no response, or a head shake. I expressed gratitude for the clear communication.

Once we had our language decided, I started asking questions. “Are you an angel?”, the answer was “no”. Next, I asked, “Are you a spirit guide?”. “No”, they were not. Then I asked, “Are you an ancestor?” The answer was unclear. I received a mixed signal that seemed like a “maybe”.

When the energy seemed unwilling to communicate any further, I closed the channel. Suddenly, I was back in the switchboard space. I began to practice pulling plugs and putting them back in. Another entity or energy came into my awareness and them introduced themselves as “UM”. I intuitively knew that they are the switchboard / mediumship trainer.

I asked UM if I’m doing it correctly, “Like this?”. UM provides direction that guides me to expand my awareness of the switchboard. “The switchboard is a representation. The channels can be anywhere.” I practice locating channels throughout the space. I began to understand that I was capable of and responsible for opening and closing channels.

My training went well, and UM walked by me as if he was the professor walking out of class. I expressed gratitude for the lesson, and he walked away. In that moment, I knew that mediumship school had begun.


Day and Night.

When they started, the channels would open only in the evenings. I would release old energy, receive healing, and attend spiritual school all of which would end late in the evening. The schedule has changed since my kundalini awakening began, to be clear there no longer seems to be a schedule. Channels for the various kinds of energy open at all times of day.  

The rising of the kundalini energy happens at all times of day and night. I can be standing in the kitchen making tea and the kundalini energy spirals up from the base of spine without warning. I imagine what I look like writhing and twiggling (the combination of twitches plus wiggles) while standing in my kitchen. I don’t judge myself I just think I must look funny and wiggly.

So far, I’ve been safe, but recently a channel did open when I was in the shower. I was concerned for my safety but afterwards noticed that I had adopted a soft-kneed, flat-footed, wide stance that helped me maintain my balance. I don’t remember choosing or even changing my stance, but I did. My angels and spirit guides are helping me stay safe within this energy that continues to evolve.

I expected to receive healing. I even expected to receive additional mediumship opportunities. I didn’t expect UM and their very interesting mediumship school. Again, it’s been another strange, beautiful, and magical week in my spiritual awakening.


The image used this week was created in Canva. This background is what the mediumship school felt like.  

Be well,