What is Channeled Healing?

On my YouTube channel I offer channeled healing. I label it not only as “channeled healing”, but also as “energy” and “spiritual” healing. It can be called all these things, but what is it, how does it work, and how to get the most benefit?

Exactly What is “Channeled Healing”?

“Channeled healing” is exactly what it sounds like. It is healing energy channeled from spirit or source, through me, out to the viewer or client. Some say it is pure love and light. To access the energy, I connect with my spirit guides in a short meditation, the channel opens, and the healing energy flows through my energy body and outward.

What Does it Heal?

This channeled energy can help heal physical, emotional, or spiritual energy. It is recommended that an intention is set for whatever within us needs healing energy. If unsure about our intention, it is recommended the intention of “whatever is in my highest good” is set. This intention will ensure that we are receiving just that, whatever is in our highest good.

In my own experience receiving channeled healing, it provided relief. There was no miraculous, instantaneous healing, but there was relief from pain and heavy, dense energies that I had been feeling. Relief caused by the release of the energy that I was seeking relief from. More on my experience with energy healing later.

What Does it Feel Like?

As with anything, there is a range of ways we can experience the energy. Some of us will find quick relief. Some of us will feel tingly or make movements (kriya). Some of us will experience energy releases, some will feel delayed effects hours later, and some will simply feel nothing. No matter how we feel it, there is healing. It will not hurt. As the energy releases it may be intense, but no one has every reported it as painful. It’s important to remember that each of us will have a unique experience.

What are the Side Effects of Energy Healing?

The only “side effects” that I’ve known or heard about are the impact of the energy releasing from the body. There is often a sense of release as old energies are pushed out of the body. Some people will feel the release of energy through yawning, coughing, or needing to use the restroom. Some people will nap through the healing session.

Emotions may show up as they move through and out of the body. We may cry to release the energy and we may experience the emotions that we are releasing. We may feel it to heal it.

Is it Working if We Don’t Feel the Energy?

Yes, we each will respond and react differently, but we will always receive what is in our highest good or for what we intended. There may also be a delayed reaction that may show up with hours of the healing session.

Why Should We Choose Energy Healing?

Have you ever done inner work and still felt that you were unable to move forward? We can change our minds, we can change our behaviors, and still be in our old energy. We may have the old energy stored in the body that has yet to be released. By combining the inner work with the energy work, we can receive the level of healing that we are seeking. We can find the peace and healing we seek.

If it’s so “Great”, Why Offer it for Free?

I offer free energy healing on my YouTube channel to serve the collective. Many of us on the spiritual path are called to serve the collective and this is how I’ve chosen to serve at this time.

My Own Experience Receiving Energy Healing.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I vowed to seek energy healing in addition to the treatment plan designed by me and my doctors. When I sought energy healing, I wasn’t sure what to expect other than a deeply spiritual moment. It was exactly that and more. What I found was information and insight into my spiritual path.

The first time, I was in a dimly lit room with incense, music, and crystals along my chakras. The practitioner burned sacred smoke and waved a feather over me as they said quiet words over me. It was a ritual of healing, a shamanic experience, a spiritual experience.

The second time I sought energy healing I found something entirely different. The practitioner and spoke via zoom as they were in another state and a thousand miles away. We discussed my intention and connected our energy. After ending the meeting, they got to work in the energy while I meditated. I remember meditating deeply, seeing images play out, and receiving messages. It was a deeply moving experience. Afterwards, I cried and released old unhelpful energies.

The third time I experienced energy healing, I was in a channel with Spirit. The sessions that I had sought before had somehow allowed me to receive channeled healing energy. A door or energetic gateway had been opened. Since then, I have had the ability to receive and share channeled healing.


If you are interested in receiving channeled healing, please visit my YouTube channel, or contact me directly. My email is listed on both my website and YouTube channel. I will answer any additional questions you may have.

May this be of service.

Be well,