How to "Find" Your Soul Purpose

A seated figure with one hand reaching up to a star.

Many of us are Searching.

So many of us are searching for our soul’s purpose. That one thing, job, or project that we are sent here to do or to be. It is what so many of us long for, search for, but it escapes us. It is frustrating and sometimes we feel as if we’ll never find it, whatever our soul’s purpose may be.

We may even try to create a purpose for ourselves. In the work that we do, or in the life that we chose. I did that, and it worked for a while. I’ve also seen people born with a strong sense of their purpose. They are typically very successful people who seem to live their lives with ease. But that’s not most peoples’ experience. Many of us are still trying to find our soul’s purpose.

In my experience, our soul has more than one purpose. Our souls have many purposes. Most souls aren’t making this earth plane trip for just one reason. Spirit, and the universe in its extraordinary interconnectedness and complexity, has many purposes for our souls. They can be as simple as bringing more light into the world. Or they can be as complex as awakening and uplifting others to bring more light into the world.

What I do know is that we don’t “find” our soul’s purpose. It comes from within. It comes from our soul. We can allow our purpose to emerge from within us. It’s all there, inside. Our soul knows why it is here and what its purpose is. We just need to get out of the way and allow it to emerge into our awareness. We manifest it. We align with it.

Our Soul’s Purpose is not “Out There”.

It is not a place, job, or thing to find. Sometimes it’s not something we do, but something we become, or an energy we align with. Open your mind and let go of what you think it is. It could be something completely different than what you’re doing now. It could also be something that you’re already doing, and/or being. Allow it to emerge without the internal bias of what you think it is.

We don’t “find it”, we attract it, we align with it, and it emerges from within us. Focus on your body, mind, heart, and soul. Become the finely tuned spiritual being that attracts the energies you want in your life. Commit to your purpose by committing to being a clean and clear vessel for your soul to work through you. In time your purpose will emerge.

Creating Purpose Where We Are.

I had no idea what I wanted to do when I grew up let alone understand my soul’s purpose. I tried to create purpose and meaning in the corporate jobs that I had. Decades of finance and accounting for property management companies felt purposeful. We were providing homes for people. I made it work in my head for a while, but never in my soul.

It is helpful to create purpose where we are in our lives. It can be meaningful, but if we want to experience and know our soul’s true purpose we need to keep going. We need to follow our intuition and keep following it until our purpose emerges from within us.

It’s Never Just One.

Our souls rarely just have one purpose. There isn’t just one thing that we do that brings our soul joy or that is purposeful. The complexity of the Universe and the connectedness of our experience ensures that our soul came here to do many things, be many things. Our souls likely have many purposes.

At this point in my Divine life path, I know of five purposes that my soul has in this life. Intuitively I know there are more that have yet to emerge and be revealed to me. I continue to follow my intuition and guidance as I receive it. I continue to allow my soul’s purposes to emerge. All that said, we have free will. We can choose to follow the path to our purpose, or not.

How to “Find” Your Soul Purpose.

This is how I “found” my soul’s purposes. They aren’t steps as much as they were part of the process. It was a process that wasn’t linear. I moved through my spiritual awakening for years before I began to understand what my soul was sent here to experience. But then as the purposes emerged, I saw the process in hindsight. And now, I continue to see the process repeat in my own life. This is how I “found” my soul’s purposes.

A reminder, our paths are entirely unique. Do what serves you and your path. Do what resonates for you. Maybe you too will allow your soul’s purposes to emerge. Maybe you too will “find” your soul’s purposes.

Follow your intuition…always…no matter how weird it seems. It will guide you well, but it may take you to people, places, things, and energies that are outside of your “normal”. Trust it, or at least try to trust it. Every step, no matter how disconnected it may seem, is part of your Divine life path and purpose. Trust the process and allow your intuition to guide you. Your intuition is the language of your soul. Allow it to guide you towards its own purpose.

Manifest alignment to your soul purpose. Focus on manifesting alignment to your soul purpose and Divine life path. If the next step requires resources, manifest that. Ask spirit, or the universe, for what you need. Manifest flowing with the energies. Use the manifestation techniques that resonate for you. The more we are aligned to our purpose and authentic self the more help we receive from spirit.

Ignore the haters, skeptics, and doubters especially if they are within your own thoughts. Sometimes our path is through our doubts and fears, to evolve and move through them. Quiet the inner critic. That energy does not serve. (Here’s a link to how I worked with my intrusive inner critic.) Be intentional with your thoughts. They are powerful. Also, the people around you may react to the changes that are occurring for you, let them. That’s their path. Focus your energy and remain committed to your path.

Connect with your spiritual team. Start the conversation or continue the connection you already have. (Here’s a link to a recent post mentioning communicating with our spiritual team.) Bring awareness to the synchronicities and guidance they send. They are your support system. It is unlikely that you will have anyone else in your life that you can share your experience with. You will need the love, support, protection, and guidance of your spiritual team. Foster the relationship. It will serve you well.

Release energies that are old, outdated, or no longer aligned with your Divine life path and soul purpose. Be willing to sacrifice what is no longer aligned with your goals and purpose. Make space for the new. Time is an illusion, release that pressure and affirm that you are in Divine and perfect timing. As you move forward, people, situations, and energy of all kinds will become outdated. Energy releasing can be a helpful practice to create the clean clear vessel that will allow your soul to emerge. (Here is a link to my energy releasing playlist on YouTube.)

Call forth the energies that are aligned with your Divine life path and soul’s purpose. Affirm the energies that align with your soul. Affirm the energies that you need to continue on your path. Ask for love, support, protection, guidance. Ask for what you need, be it strength, patience, or hope. You are more likely to receive blessings that are aligned with your quest for your soul’s purpose.

Be receptive to what comes…no matter what. Changes, energies, odd errands that don’t make sense, you may be guided to many things. On the surface they may seem unrelated, but in hindsight they may be exactly what you needed to move forward. (Here’s a link to a post about some of the missions that I was sent on.) Be open and trust the process. Have faith in spiritual and universal energies. They want this for you as much as you do. Our purpose is co-created more than it is found.

Use every spiritual practice you know to help you. Meditation, astrology, tarot cards, rituals, crystals, time in nature, whatever they are lean into your practices. They resonate with you for a reason. Self-care and energy hygiene will help you navigate the changes in your life. Do what it takes to help you create the clear and clean vessel that allows your inner Divinity and spirit to work through you.

Astrology can guide you. A professional astrologer can focus on your soul’s purpose. There are a few things to consider, Pluto’s sign and house can offer clues as to our soul’s intention. Your north node placement sign and house is another aspect that may help guide you. Before making an appointment, set the intention to better understand your soul’s purpose with the astrologer.

Be patient and keep moving forward. Moving through the process of discovering your soul’s purpose is not about perfection, it’s about consistency. Maintain your goal and continue on your Divine life path. When that intention is set, every step that is guided by your intuition, by the Divine, brings you closer to your purpose. It takes patience and commitment. There will be some challenging times. No need to anticipate them, meet them with resolve. Remember, you are worth Discovering your soul’s purpose. Remember, you are in Divine and perfect timing. Breathe, and navigate the process with ease.

In time, and with intention and practice, your purpose will emerge from within. Try to flow with the energies as they move you closer to awareness of your purpose. There is no need to “figure it out”. Allow it to be revealed. Be patient and allow it to come to you.

As I moved through this process, none of it made sense until my purposes began to come into my awareness. It felt like a lightbulb moment, a knowing that I was on purpose. My soul’s purpose is nothing like what I thought it would be. In fact, it is almost the exact opposite of my life prior to my awakening. I used to be in corporate finance and accounting. Now I write a blog and create videos about my spiritual awakening, spirituality, and I offer spiritual consulting. These were changes I couldn’t have anticipated until they happened for me.

My life has changed completely, and in the best possible ways. I get to experience life from my soul’s perspective and be aligned with our purpose in this life. It is truly magical. I share this information, this process, with the hope that you get to experience the beautiful magic of living your soul’s purpose.

I found my purpose on the other side of my fear, years of inner work, years of meditating, and years of following my intuition. One day, my soul’s purpose began to emerge into my awareness, and I knew I had found what I was looking for all along. And if I can find it, so can you.

Sometimes we need to sacrifice the life that our ego built to create the life our soul desires.

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I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well,