11 Tips and Advice for Spiritual Awakening or Spiritual Path

A forested stair path leading up to a bright light.

My spiritual awakening began around 2019. Since then, I have experienced a kundalini awakening, a heart awakening, and a sexual awakening. Prior to this experience, I didn’t even know that such awakenings existed. And because of that, the pandemic, and breast cancer, I have largely experienced this deep transformation in seclusion.

I learned how to navigate these changes on my own and with little outside influence. I allowed myself to be guided by Spirit. We co-created my entire spiritual awakening. In that I developed strategies to help me move through this spiritual path with ease and grace. I’m sharing some of those strategies in the post in the form of tips and advice. May they be of service to you on your path.

1.  Quiet Your Inner Critic – None of that yammering, ruminating, and overall noise pollution is helping. When our inner critic is loud, we can’t hear our own quiet inner voices. Healing begins with quieting our minds enough to hear the whispers of our spiritual team and our soul.

For me on my path, this was step 1. Clearing my head of intrusive negative thoughts was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. If not for that simple step, I may have continued along a very unhappy and unfulfilling path.

2.  Bring Awareness to Perceived Negative Thought Patterns – Our negative thought loops are pointing us to where there is work to do. It may be thoughts of ourselves, of others, or of a situation. If it’s in our awareness it’s available for transformation.

Think of the negative thoughts as negative, heavy, dense energy and your healing will allow that to be released. Once the old energies are released, we have room for lighter and more helpful energies.

3.  Bring Awareness to Resistance Energy – As with negative thought loops, resistance to approaching any topic or any aspect of our life is a clue as to where some of our most transformative work can be realized. Recognizing our resistance comes with intention and awareness.

No matter how much we resist working on an aspect of our lives, relationships, career, sexuality, any situation, it will come up to be healed. At some point it will become a block that needs to be cleared to make progress, to realize our goals and dreams.

4.  Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart – If we lean towards over thinking, don’t spend that energy. It won’t help. Our brain is trying to protect us from perceived dangers and doesn’t want us to change. The answers to our questions about life and our direction are in our heart. You can begin the conversation, the connection, with your heart by asking directly. You can ask, “What does my heart want?”. The intention is to connect and understand.

When I’m unsure, I ask my heart, “My dear heart, what do you want?”. My intension is always to connect and understand. Over time, I began to feel my heart answer. We communicate well, and in our own way, when the chakras are clear and balanced to the best of our current ability.

5.  Bring Awareness to Your Needs and Be Gentle with Yourself – Bring awareness to what you need in the moment be it rest, exercise, meditation, or isolation. You may learn things about yourself that are unexpected, and it may open you up to feel all sorts of emotions and energies. Be gentle with yourself. Practice compassion and forgiveness for yourself when the challenges are intense. Remember to nurture, hug, and care for yourself in every way imaginable. Self-compassion will help you navigate this beautiful path.

For me it meant that I prioritized my self-care, self-nurturing, and self-forgiveness. I became an expert self-nurturer in the form of self-hugs, self-soothing, and all forms of self-care. Be the energy that you need, and when you can’t, ask for Spirit’s help.

6.  Communicate with Your Intuition, the Language of Your Soul – When you feel it, communicate with it. Sometimes we need to invite the conversation as a form of consent. Ask your intuition for a sign. Ask it for what a “yes” feels like or sounds like. Choose whatever method of communication works best for you, writing, hearing, numerical message. It is likely that the form of communication aligns with your clair senses. It will be co-created.

For me the conversations began with questions about how we could best communicate. Then I was able to ask simple yes/no questions and receive answers. It is one of my most cherished aspects of my spiritual path and how we continue to communicate today.

7.  Communicate with Your Spiritual Team – Ask questions about how to communicate with them. Then your intention will be to communicate, instead of asking for something from them. It’s a nice way to begin the relationship if it’s not already established. If your connection is available to you, remember to sow those seeds as you would in any other relationship.

My path was co-created with Spirit, clear communication made that possible. We need to consent and offer up our free will before Spirit can proceed with much of their work.

8.  Open to Change – That’s what our spiritual awakenings are, our spiritual paths are designed for change. We are asking to change our lives. And even though we have asked for changes, they can show up in unexpected ways and seem terrifying. It’s okay. Ask for support and guidance. Ask for anything you need. Remember, the changes are for our highest and best good. Be open to receive.

I have experienced change in every aspect of my life. When I resisted change, it hindered the pace of my awakening path. When I was intentional about opening to receive change it was easier to navigate, but that is sometimes easier said than done. I often ask Spirit to help me meet the upcoming changes with “ease and grace”.

9.  Go with the Flow – Surrender the push and pull, the doubts and fears. Surrender to the flow of your process and path. It’s especially important to surrender to the flow, and to Spirit, when we feel ourselves try to control and push the agenda. Go with whatever comes and remember that it’s all in your favor and in Divine timing.

Going with the flow means to ease resistance and trust the process. Often, very often, I would release the energy of resistance and affirm my intention to go with the flow. I believe in this process so much that I created a few energy releasing videos on YouTube. They walk through the energetic process of releasing, after which you can add your own intention for how you want to move forward.

10.  Commit to Your Path – There will be challenges, it is a growth path. By committing to your path and being intentional, you are carrying the energy of faith and trust. Think of the commitment to your path as committing to Spirit and all the love, support, protection, and guidance you are worthy of.

From my own experience, spiritual awakening is both challenging and very rewarding. It was during the most intense challenges that I affirmed the commitment I made to myself to “see it through”. My commitment carried me through the deepest darkest places and allowed me to make choices that aligned with my intention.

11.  Commit to Yourself – Awakening spiritually or being on a spiritual path is often about personal growth. Commit to yourself, commit to the energy you put into yourself. You may need more self-care, more rest, more seclusion. Honor your needs and commit to providing the best experience possible for yourself.

Remaining on my path was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. It has allowed the beauty and the magic to unfold after much healing of my body, mind, heart, and soul. It has allowed me to clear karmic cycles and align me with my soul intention. And isn’t that what we are on this path for?

This advice about how to navigate a spiritual awakening, or spiritual path, is the foundation for my spiritual awakening. They all come from my own experience, and they may not align with yours. That’s okay. We all have unique experiences. My intention is to share because we may be able to learn from each other.

If nothing else, it’s a reminder that you’re not alone. While on the path we are always loved, supported, protected, and guided by Spirit.

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I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well,