Quieting the Inner Noise

I’m going to share with you the one thing that made my career change and finding my life purpose easier to achieve, quieting my inner noise.

Most people have it, the inner noise. It’s the voice that tells you you’re not good enough. It tells you that you can’t do things and that everything will go wrong if you try.  

It’s the voice of doom and gloom. It’s the voice of fear. It’s the voice of self-judgement.  

That voice is called your inner critic or saboteur. I know someone who calls it their inner mean girl.

No matter what the voice is called, it holds you back from being the person you’re meant to be by telling you all the reasons why you can’t be that or why you will fail.

Here’s the thing, that voice isn’t serving you!

It doesn’t want you to stretch and grow. It wants you to stay the same and not change. 

Now, imagine what you could do without the inner noise, without that negative narrative in your thoughts.

Would you change careers, find your purpose or create your best life?

Let’s talk about how to quiet that noise so that you can move forward and live the life you’re meant to live.

There are three steps that will help you quiet that inner noise:   

·        Notice It – Get to know the inner noise. Be conscious of it. Does it have a voice, a shape or a form? When does it show up? What does it say to you? How do you feel when it shows up?  

·        Name It – Now that you know it a little better, name it. Give it a name that suits its shape, its words, its impact on you.

 ·        Knock it out – Now talk back to it, you can tell it off, or you can ignore it entirely. Tell it why it’s wrong, stand up for yourself, make your case! Tell it off, like all the way off! Swear at it if you want to! Scream at it! Or, intentionally ignore it, brush it aside.


Moving forward, the notice it and name it part are done, the knock it out part becomes a practice. A tool, that you can use to meet that critic, that noise, head on.   

Be aware when the voice starts chiming in and remember to talk back to it, tell it off or ignore it.

(I once had a client sit their critic down and tell it off! They were done with that critic and let it know on no uncertain terms. So empowering!)

The voice will show up when you start stretching and growing yourself but now you know how to knock it out. And, over time, it will quiet or it may go silent.

And now that you’ve quieted the negative inner noise, you can replace it with a more supportive inner narrative. But, that’s a topic for another day.

If you would like to learn more about quieting your inner noise, contact me. I have a coaching package to do just that, click here.

Let’s do this!

Nikki DeForest