A Return to Mediumship

Two cats touching noses.

On Saturday mornings, on my local television news, they have a segment that showcases adoptable pets. This past Saturday they featured a sweet little pit bull with black and white tuxedo markings. The four white paws, the white belly leading to the white slash up the snout and between the eyes reminded me of a cat I used to have, Jack.

Tuxedo patterned cats and dogs always remind me of Jack. He was the smartest cat I've ever known. When he wanted something, he would touch it with his paw. A toy from the drawer, a treat, a door to be opened, a pet, if he wanted it, he touched it. And with that, he taught me to fetch for him. He died of cancer about four years ago, and I've missed him ever since. To this day, every time I see a pet with black and white tuxedo markings I think of Jack.

When the image of the little tuxedo pit bull showed up this weekend on the local news, I connected with the energy of Jack and sent him Some love. A short while later, while sitting at my desk, I saw a video on YouTube about a little tuxedo clad cat. Again, the markings reminded me of Jack, and I relished the short video of this beautiful animal.

As I sat with the video still playing, I suddenly felt Jack winding between my legs. His smooth short haired body wear between and around my shins. Then I felt him on lap. I asked my intuition, "mediumship?" In received a twiggle, a "yes". My joy grew and I opened more fully to the energy.

Still on my lap, I felt him, his energy and warmth. In smelled his breath as we touched our noses together. I felt his fur and his whiskers as I stroked his face, just as I used to when he was alive. Amuse importantly, I felt his love. I was speaking lovingly to him and loving on him just as I used to. I heard him say, "I love you mommy." Tears flowed from my eyes.

My heart overflowed with love and my energy overflowed with joy. Jack's energy faded as my tears continued to flow. I allowed myself to wallow in love and joy. I didn't want it to end. Not yet. I enjoyed the emotion and let myself cry for a while. (Writing this now, I'm crying again. The experience was so beautiful.)

When my tears slowed, I tapped in with Spirit and expressed gratitude, a lot of gratitude. I was grateful for the experience with Jack, grateful for the return of mediumship, grateful for my connection with Spirit and with my own heart and soul.

I wrote about my first experience with Jack in mediumship, and about my other experiences. When mediumship seemed to leave me, I made a video on YouTube and wrote about it. It's my most viewed video. In all of that I never expected it to leave me or to come back. At some point though, I realized that the Mediumship experiences were very healing for me. It was perfect how it was, an Amazing experience intended to help me heal. With that awareness, I released any attachment to mediumship.

I have no idea why mediumship has returned to me. Duck truthfully, I don't care why. My spiritual awakening has been magical. I am deeply Grateful for my beautiful, magical, spiritual life. I am grateful to be able to give my love to Jack again. I am grateful to receive his love. I am grateful for this beautiful blessing of mediumship and for this beautiful moment.

Today’s image is mine. I can still remember the day, many years ago, when I captured this sweet moment between Jack and his sister Princess. I was sitting on the sofa with Princess (aka P) by my side on the arm of the sofa. Jack came up to P to give her a sweet kiss. I grabbed my cell phone and captured the moment before it was gone. It’s my favorite picture of them.

I’m grateful you’re here reading and being with me on my spiritual path.

I love you. Be well,