Support from Family in Spirit

Two hands holding tightly.

Mom and Dad.

I have never been closer to my parents than I am now that they are in Spirit. We just didn’t have that kind of family when they were alive. Our family was born of wounds. We were all in pain and suffering alone. That is why I am so very grateful to have their support now through mediumship.

As I wrote last week, life’s challenges have arrived, and it has shown me that I am loved and supported by family in Spirit. Leading my family in Spirit is my mom, but dad joins her more and more.

For the powerful downloads, big cries, and joyful times, mom is always there. Her/my thumb strokes my hand or upper arm bringing her into my awareness. Decades after her transition she is always with me as I navigate my spiritual awakening.

During the recent challenges, dad has joined her. He enters my awareness by squeezing my hand. The thumb rubs and hand squeezes sometimes arrive together. They approach me and comfort me together. They bring awareness that big energies are available. I greet them, my parents in Spirit, and receive their energy.

They are co-parenting me from the soul plane, showering me with the love and support they were unable to provide on the earth plane. My favorite energy is the group hugs with mom and dad surrounding me. It is so very beautiful, and I am grateful for this blessing. A blessing I didn’t know was possible until I experienced it.


My grandma is often nearby. Our connection continues to strengthen. As I was crying for days, she held my cheeks in her hand and told me over and over that everything was going to be okay. I cried harder and released more of the old, sad energy.

As with my parents, my grandma and I weren’t close when she was alive. I lived with her for a time in my 20’s, and never cried in her arms like I have in mediumship. The relationship I have with her now is the best that we’ve ever had. We are closer now than in life. And, of course, it is in Divine and perfect timing.


If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you may remember that I helped my uncle transition in late 2022. (See these two blog posts about that experience An Extraordinary Gift and An Extraordinary Gift Part 2) He started to come through to me in recent weeks to offer his love and healing.

The first time he came through mediumship, I felt my mom, his sister, guide him to me. She helped him find his way. And since then, he has been apologizing for not seeing what I was experiencing. We talk as best we can as our connection becomes stronger. He was the closest thing I had to a father figure to me and still is even in Spirit.

Connecting Through Touch.

Each of my family in spirit connects with me through touch. I know each one’s touch and who is connecting. Each time my intuition confirms it for me. My mom connects through my thumbs. I will have my arms wrapped around me or my hands together and I will feel my thumb stroking me. My dad squeezes my hand, leg, or arm. My grandma places her hands on my cheeks, and I feel them tingle. My uncle provides gentle strokes and pats. I feel them and know who is connecting.

Recently I was guided to pull out pictures of my family. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ve seen the pictures. My mom and me smiling at my first wedding many years ago. My dad in the 70’s, sitting in a chair smiling brightly. My grandma’s stern face hiding her joy, in a photo from an event long ago.

Some of those pictures are with me now, on my desk, as I write. I feel closer to them now than I ever did when they were alive. I am so very grateful to be blessed with the opportunity to have a relationship with them in Spirit. Especially now when I need support the most and they are able to provide it.

The support from my family in Spirit is like none I’ve known on this earthly plane. They come to me just before big downloads come through. They hold my hands and rock me when challenges arise. They hold my cheeks in their hands and reassure me that everything is as it should be. They stroke me and apologize for the karma they left behind. They heal me with their abundant love, support, protection, and guidance.


Mediumship has been a beautiful blessing of love, support, protection, and guidance. Through it I have healed relationships and have grown in my capacity for love. Through mediumship, I get to have the love and support that I’ve always wanted and always deserved.

It’s never too late to connect with our loved ones. We can still talk to them and confide in them. They are watching and listening to us on the earth plane. They know our struggles and our joy. They want to connect and will do their best to connect with us in the physical world.

I wish everyone could experience what I’ve experienced in mediumship, but I know that is not possible. Our paths are very different, and our souls have their own unique purposes on this earthly plane. Even if it’s not through mediumship, I pray that you are well loved, supported, protected, and guided along your path.

Today’s image is from Canva.

I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well, beautiful soul,