An Extraordinary Gift - Part Two

Two family photos showing my uncle and his mother, my grandmother.

If you haven’t read the first part of An Extraordinary Gift, you can read it by clicking here. 

The days passed and my uncle’s health continued to decline. I received the news that he was being moved into hospice. His body was at an end, and his soul hadn’t yet transitioned. That was yet to come.

Sunday October 23rd.

Last Sunday was as very normal day. I cooked breakfast, did some indoor gardening, did some energy work, and eventually I sat at my desk to write a blog post.

While writing, I was guided to look at a small painting of a cat that sits on the shelf in my office. I felt the energy of my cat who transitioned in 2020, Princess, come through. She has come to me in mediumship before and it’s always very sweet. I said, “Hi P”. “Hi Mommy”, she replied. I felt the love.

I moved from my desk to my altar to more fully receive the energy. It was then, that I intuitively tapped into my uncle’s energy and asked him if he was “ready”. The question meant was he ready to transition, but no explanation was needed in our conversation.

In the voice and in the way that I heard him say so many times, he replied, “Well, I s’pose.” It was his way of saying “yes”. His voice sounded strong; his soul was strong. I asked him if he wanted to hold my hand, again he said, “Well, I s’pose.” His voice sounded even younger and stronger.

With our energy connected, hand in hand, we moved over the dark arc until his mother, my grandmother, came into view. She was surrounded by white light. Again, my uncle’s voice became younger when I heard him exclaim, “Mom!”. He shouted with joy and a voice that sounded like a teenager. They were together again. I knew he was with his soul family.

I was overcome with peace, joy, and love. His transition was complete. My uncle’s soul was at peace.

Wednesday October 26th.

Before I got out of bed, my cousin called. I knew, before I had even picked up the phone, what I was going to hear. My uncle had passed peacefully in his sleep the night before. His time on earth was complete.

My uncle was well loved, and he loved well. He made good use of his life and touched many people around him with his compassion, strength, humor, intelligence, curiosity, and practicality. I am better for having had known him and I imagine that’s true for many people who knew him. He was that kind of a human being.

I remember cooking for him when he came to visit us in Denver. I made him banana bread with chocolate chips. He loved it and ate too much. I will cherish that memory and the memory of his laugh.

Lessons About Death and Dying.

Through this experience, I’ve learned to see death and dying from a new perspective. For as much as the family mourns the loss of their loved one, the soul is set free from its earthly bindings. The soul is sent to its next plane of existence, likely for a good rest after much celebration with its soul family.

Death is nothing like we’ve been told, it’s a transition from earth to the next plane. Our body dies, but our soul is freed. It’s a reunion with our soul family. It doesn’t feel like something to mourn. It feels like something to celebrate.

If only everyone could have heard my uncle’s voice become younger and younger as his soul moved over the arc and into the loving energy of his mother. Death is nothing to fear, it’s pure love and light.

The image today is of some old family photos. On the left is a picture of my uncle, my mom is there in the lower left corner, at a family reunion in 1988. On the right is my rather stern looking grandma. Yes, she was tough, but once you got her laughing it was pure joy.

Be well,