An Extraordinary Gift

Sun glowing through golden autumn trees.

My Uncle.

In recent weeks, I’ve been spending time talking on the phone with my uncle in North Dakota. He’s been the person most like a father figure to me throughout my life. My parents divorced when I was very young, and I didn’t see much of my dad. My uncle was in my life more than my father and attended the important life events when he could.

My uncle and I have always had easy conversations and a way of making each other laugh. We could talk about the things that our family usually doesn’t talk about. And even if we haven’t spoken in a long time, we pick up right where we left off. We said, “Love you” before hanging up the phone. He was that uncle.

One night we talked about me coming to visit him. For many reasons I wanted to go, but I had to get comfortable with travelling during COVID and during flu season so soon after cancer. I gave myself some time to get comfortable. During that time, my spirit guides offered their assistance.

My spirit guides told me something that I will never forget, “You must help him transition.” I stopped in my tracks not sure I heard what I heard. After the initial shock, I knew what they meant. He’s elderly and I was to go to help him “transition”. Spirit showed me a scene of my grandmother (my uncle’s mother) at the opening to the other side with a big smile, waiting for him, surrounded by his soul family. Lots of bright white light surrounded them. It was joyful and full of love.

I tried to tell myself that I was meant to help him move to assisted living, but my heart knew it meant something more permanent. I just had no idea how to help someone in that way. So, I held faith and trust that I would be guided to do what I was supposed to do and when I was supposed to do it.

Then, I knew I had to go visit him. I had a mission now. I bought the tickets. We talked about spending time working on our family tree and strategized the travel arrangements, planned dietary needs, and started looking forward to spending time together on the farm.

Days later I called to let him know that I had received flu vaccine and to provide him flight numbers. He didn’t answer, his son did. Red flags flared. My cousin shared the news, his father, my uncle was in the hospital and things were not looking good.

The hospital was noisy and busy, so we cut the phone call short, and I started to process what I had just heard. I did house chores while I processed emotions. And then I thought of what spirit told me, “You must help him transition.”

The Gift.

As the day wound down, I sat and journaled. Afterwards, I watched a YouTube video about houseplants and then paused it as a channel to Spirit opened within me. The energy felt the same, but the experience was entirely different this time.

In the channel, I connected with my uncle’s energy and sent him my love. I conversed with his soul. I reassured him of the love that was waiting for him upon his transition. I saw his mother (my grandmother) at the opening with her biggest, happiest smile. He was being stubborn and wanted to stay. I told him that his soul family would be there. The people who he had loved and who had loved him were all there ready for him. And then I felt his soul’s resistance dissolve.

Next, we were moving over an arc all in shades of gray, the background was dark space. I was shown, clairvoyantly, a rainbow, a rainbow bridge. As we got close to the opening, I saw my grandmother’s face beaming. Behind her were the many souls awaiting my uncle’s transition. It was loving, joyful energy, a celebration of life.



The channel closed and I sat and processed what I had just experienced. I stayed sitting at my kitchen table for a long time, staring out into space, dumbfounded. The experience I just had was…extraordinary and I didn’t know what it was. I called on Spirit to help me understand.

Spirit explained to me that I had just helped my uncle transition, just as they had asked me to just days before. I asked about the timing even though they always tell me that “time is irrelevant”. I received an answer that we may experience the transition at different “Earth” times. We don’t have to experience it at the same “Earth” time.

I reached for my phone and turned up the volume. For the next few days, I kept my phone nearby with the volume up just in case I got a call or text from my cousin. Part of me was convinced that my uncle had passed in that moment or would soon.

I asked Spirit about this new gift, this thing that I had just experienced. Spirit replied, “You are a powerful soul.” My spirit team has told me this before and now I’m beginning to see it for myself.

Soon, I felt at peace. Not only with the experience, but also with knowing that death is not the end, it is a new beginning for our souls. I felt at peace knowing that I was able to help one of my favorite souls in the world reconnect with his soul family. Later that day, my own soul sent its own message to me. The message, “I am living my soul purpose! I am happy!”.


Moving Forward.

This new gift feels extraordinary. I have no idea what to do with it yet. As with all my gifts, I learn as I go, guided by Spirit. There will likely be a spiritual school for this just as there was for channeling and mediumship. If there is, it has yet to be presented to us.

Maybe we (my heart and soul) are here to help people transition, to help their souls over that rainbow bridge. I will share more as it develops, but I can’t predict what will happen. We’ve learned to go with the flow.

My uncle is still in the hospital and the news I got this morning was good. He’s stable enough for additional tests. Please, if you’re reading this, send him love and light. We are grateful.


The Image.

The image used today is mine. Autumn reminds me that transition isn’t the end. Transitioning just means we are changing from one form to another. In the fall the trees transition from summer growth to winter dormancy. It’s not an end, it’s a transition.

Be well,