A Spiritual Awakening Update

A segment of a painting called Set me Free by Megan McKinnel

It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve talked about my awakening process. And because I’m in the business of helping people on their spiritual path, I thought it important to continue to document my own process on this blog.

In part, I want to show what’s possible, but I also want to express that everyone’s spiritual path is unique. None of us will awaken in exactly the same way. The phases may be the similar, but healing will be different and unique to our own Divine life path and soul mission.

In my awakening, the energy continues to flow. I still have kundalini energy surges almost daily. I sill channel healing energy. I still am doing the inner work and healing situations. Some aspects of my awakening have changed, and others have remained steadfast, like the energy work and upgrades.

What’s new is that I’ve experienced or realized so many changes as cycles have closed and opened. The way I show up in the world is changing. I have healed more than I have yet to heal, and it’s changed how I experience life. It’s changed how I feel about myself and in turn how I feel about the world around me.

With all that in mind I thought I would highlight some of the changes and some of what it feels like.

My body is becoming stronger as a result of the energy work and hard movements, kriya. I never expected physical changes, but the healing energy that I’ve receiving is changing my body. I am stronger, lighter, and healthier. But then I did have breast cancer last year, so it was almost guaranteed that I would be healthier this year. That said, some of the energy work and upgrades I experience are great workouts.

I wrote about some of that in this post, An Awakening Within an Awakening.

My Spirit team has changed. Some guides have stepped back, and others have come forward. My spirit guide that I call “Mom Spirit” because she was based on my mother, has stepped back. We haven’t communicated in weeks. In a channel in recent weeks, I felt like I was being guided away from Mom Spirit. We said our goodbyes and then I was guided to work with my angels. It’s beautiful and I’m not complaining, it’s just a note that our Spirit team can and will evolve.

I wrote about meeting Mom Spirit in this post, Spiritual Healing with Dad and Mom Spirit.

I have a greater connection with my inner team and higher self. My connection with my heart and my soul have deepened. We’ve recently learned to communicate using my clair senses and physical sensations. I’ve learned to ask what my heart and soul want in a situation. And, more importantly, I’ve learned to listen and follow my inner team’s needs. I’m operating from my inner team and combined, I believe it is our higher self, our integrated self.

I am feeling more healed than not. Things that used to be issues, sensitive situations, or people aren’t any more. I am now, after all of the inner work and energy work, less reactive or non-reactive to situations or people that used to be emotionally charged. My energy is lighter, freer. I guess I have no more fucks to give, not because I’m fed up, but because I’ve healed. It is an empowering and peaceful feeling.

I am both in between cycles and in flow. I’ve become very good at being in the flow of my life regardless of the work and healing. One of my favorite intentions is to flow with the cycles of my life, to honor the flow, and be in flow. Being in flow like this is new to me. I may have thought I was in flow during other periods of my life, but this flow is so much better, more peaceful.

My inner dialogue is completely different from what it was two years ago. I now feel optimistic, strong, supported, loved. All of that is possible and supported by my thoughts, affirmations, and mantra. Changing my internal dialogue has made all the difference in my life. Shutting down my inner critic came early on in my awakening process, and it’s made all the rest of it possible. It didn’t just happen; it was work. My newfound peace and love is, and was, manifested by my inner most thoughts, feelings, and actions.

I am so strong that nothing disturbs my peace. With each cycle that closes, I find more and more inner strength. It’s not brute strength or force. My inner strength comes from self-care, self-nurturing, a supportive inner team, and my Spirit team. This inner strength comes from healing everything not contributing to my inner strength. That seems to be what awakening is really about, healing everything that isn’t contributing to our life purpose and soul mission.

I love my life. For most of my life I couldn’t have made that statement. This awakening has allowed me to experience my life in a new way and I love it. I love feeling more healed than not. I love feeling strong. It’s taken me a long time to love my life and I’m going to savor every bit of it I can.

May you find healing, strength, and inner peace on your spiritual path.

Work with me. In working with me, I can’t promise huge life changes like I’ve described in this post, but I can promise my commitment to helping you thrive on your path. We will customize our work to be what you need on your healing path and in your unique situation.

Read more about working with me here.  

Today’s image is a portion of a painting that I bought a copy of a few years before my awakening process began. This was the image that started it all. I remember wanting to feel like the woman in the painting, free. I purchased a canvas print from the artist at an open-air market. That print is hanging in my office. The original painting is titled Set Me Free and was painted by Megan McKinnell. The original is available and as soon as the resources arrive, it is my intention to purchase the painting that has meant so much to me over the years.

Be well,