Quantum Jumping, Heart Awakening, and More

A woman making a huge leap on a background of a gold and orange sunset.

During a week that presented us with both the summer solstice and a full moon it was no surprise that there were a lot of shifting energies. But I experienced something I’ve never experienced before, a quantum jump.


It all started with synchronicities, of course. One a city and the other an animal. Each of them entering my awareness many times.

Seattle has been popping into my awareness repeatedly. Walking down the street, in conversation, in films that I watched, Seattle kept entering my awareness. It was so surprising that I confirmed it with my intuition more than once. Yes, Seattle is sign. Of what I have no idea, but it is something that keeps coming up.

The animal is the grasshopper. I’ve written about it before, the grasshopper is my personal animal. (After I published that post, I’ve learned that using the term “spirit animal” is disrespectful of Indigenous Americans. From now on I intend to use the term “personal animal”.)

It is early summer, and the grasshoppers are just now appearing. While walking in my neighborhood last week a small grasshopper landed in my path. I thanked the angels for sending me the grasshopper medicine and continued my walk. Another, or maybe the same, grasshopper landed directly in my path again a few steps later.

I took notice that we were soon to be guided to take a leap of faith. The next day, I found out what that leap of faith was going to be.

Quantum Jumping and Timeline Jumping.

I received guidance that we were preparing for a quantum jump. I’ve heard of quantum jumping but if asked I wouldn’t have been able to describe it. Next, I was guided to watch some videos about quantum jumping. Spirit was preparing me to take a leap of faith and a quantum jump.

As I was researching, it sounded to me like a timeline jump. But my intuition said “no”. I then asked if our “leap of faith” was a quantum jump. That was confirmed with a twiggle.

As we were preparing for the quantum jump, I realized that we were already jumping a timeline. My intuition confirmed another, the fourth, timeline jump since late April. Fortunately, it had become much easier to navigate. There were few tears, and I recognized the process which helped me relax into the flow of change.

We moved through the timeline jump with more ease and afterwards I enjoyed a day of rest. I wasn’t attached to the idea of quantum jumping so instead of overthinking it I set the intention to go with the flow. But I had no idea what was about to happen.

Heart Awakening.

The next day I knew my heart chakra needed support. When I asked my inner team what support was needed, I was guided to my crystal bracelets. I have a small round basket filled with crystal bracelets. In it I found what aligned with the heart chakra, rose quartz and strawberry quartz.

I knew my heart needed more support, and we both received it. I was guided to my book of crystals and to the green crystals associated with the heart chakra. Then we were guided to the crystal shop down the street to get both green malachite and green aventurine. My intuition guided me to exactly what we needed. I wore them both home.

Later that day during my usual afternoon sitting in power session, we were guided to release energies. I was a little surprised. Energy releasing is part of my daily practices, so to be guided to release was…interesting.

After releasing all that I could I received intense energy downloads. My body bent over and strained with the intense energy. I received both healing energy and energy upgrades.

Then I felt my chest expand, and beautiful energy filled my heart chakra. It filled our perceived capacity and beyond. I knew then that our heart was once again awakening. It has happened before, and I was excited for it to be happening again. It was pure bliss. My heart was full.


While still sitting in bliss, my eyes were guided to something that read, “calm mind, open heart”. I repeated it a few times as an intention. It worked instantly. My mind calmed and my heart opened wide to receive universal energies.

We were being poured into body, mind, heart, and soul. Images flashed in my awareness too quickly to remember as energy filled me. Downloads continued and energy blockages were released with whiplash movements throughout the length of my body.

As the energy poured in, I remember my arms and legs were tense and at one point everything was up in the air, my bottom being the only part touching earth. I even remember a weird spiraling movement that shocked me. I had no idea my body could move like that.

The experience lasted for some time, how long I don’t remember. There was no time. It was just energy. And it didn’t feel like a timeline jump. It felt like something so much more, a quantum jump.

After the Jump.

After the jump I felt profound inner peace. I knew it because I had experienced it many times, but never consistently. I felt it deeply now and it felt like it had always been my way of being. I felt like I had always known inner peace.

In the days following the jump, I began to perceive many other changes. In short, much of the inner work that I had been working on for years had come into fruition. And it all happened in an instant. I could see the connection between what I had been manifesting and it becoming reality. All the inner work I had been doing was now evident. It was my new truth.

The confidence that I was working towards was evident. I was confident now. It wasn’t that I felt it, I was confident. As if I had wiggled my nose and magically became a confident person and had been one all along.

The old fears felt like past energy and were no longer part of my mindset. Instead of needing to release the old energies over and over, they were being released automatically as my awareness found them.

I found myself able to move forward freely and with great love and a new appreciation for…everything. It felt like a new level of awakening. It felt like one of those moments when everything looks new and fresh.

It was as if spirit and the universe had heard all my dreams, wishes, and desires and they snapped their fingers and jumped me to a time and space where I existed at the vibration required to live it. The deep foundational change that I had intended to manifest, did.

That’s what quantum jumping feels like to me, vibration calibration or a systems upgrade. My overall energy vibration has been aligned with what I have been working towards. And it all happened in a moment.

This past week a timeline jump, a heart awakening, and a quantum jump changed almost everything within me. I can’t even imagine what will happen next. But I can imagine it because I am manifesting it.

This image used in this post is from Canva.

I’m so very grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well,