I am the Grasshopper

A grasshopper in a shallow reflective pool.

When I say, “I am the grasshopper”, in my head it is said with a dramatic movie trailer voice. It sounds much better that way. But none of that is relevant to the gift I received recently. This afternoon, while lounging on the sofa trying to take a rest-day, I was blessed with awareness of my spirit animal.

It felt like a normal channel with some very powerful downloads. My body was stretched long, my smiling face upwards towards spirit, and with my arms wrapped around myself. The download poured into me. The energy was beautiful. None of it gave a hint as to what was being downloaded or the awareness to come.

When the channel closed, I sat in deep gratitude savoring the beautiful energy. It can take a short while for my awareness to return after a channel and it’s my favorite time. I sit and feel into the new energy. It is so very beautiful. I feel at peace.

I remember getting up from where I was sitting and being pulled to look out the window. My eyes instantly landed on a small brown grasshopper sitting outside. Then in a rush of awareness, I heard “spirit animal”. There’s a pause and then I hear myself say, “I am the grasshopper.” Confirmation came swiftly in the form of an intuitive twiggle, which is what I call an intuitive “yes”.

I went to my office/sanctuary to get my Spirit of the Animals oracle deck and quickly flipped through them. No grasshopper. I then searched online for “grasshopper spirit medicine”. The first search result brought another twiggle of confirmation.

The website Spirit Animal Totems (spirit-animals.com) was the first result. The little bit of text read “People with the grasshopper totem are innovative, forward thinkers that rarely miss an opportunity to move forward. They are always successful in any venture…”. Okay, that first sentence resonates. I click through.

The first section on the page is Grasshopper Meaning and Messages. It says to “take a leap of faith”. No twiggle initially meant that message wasn’t for me, but as I read it the second time, I received a twiggle. My intuition was confirming that I was to take some leap of faith. I filed that information away for future use and continued reading.

The second section titled Grasshopper Totem, Spirit Animal, was the part that was previewed in the search results. The post continues, “…in any venture they undertake…know how to use their instincts to capture the exact moment that will give them the most significant benefit.” I do like to be strategic with my time, energy, and resources. I continue to read.

The text continues with “They are benevolent and enjoy giving to others.” It’s true. I give and give. As a recovering over-giver, I find this aspect of grasshopper medicine fascinating. It continues “Furthermore they rarely stay in one place for very long.” I used to move around a lot in my 20s and 30s. Moving from apartment to apartment to catch a good deal or fresh energy. But that hasn’t been true for me for a long time. Interesting.

The post finishes with, “…they always seek the best opportunity to move forward.” As evidenced by ongoing spiritual awakening, I am always moving forward. Some of my greatest growth has been about going with the flow to allow myself to move forward rather than pushing forward. I identify with the energy of the grasshopper. It suits me. And it is a much better perspective than my previous experience with grasshoppers.

As a child of around 10 years old, we visited my mother’s side of the family at their farm in North Dakota. I found myself out in grandma’s big garden. If I remember correctly, it was a few acres carved out of one of grandpa’s nearby wheat fields. As a young girl it felt like a long walk from the house, but it was probably less than a quarter of a mile. I remember it was past the chicken coop and on the left. I can still see it in my mind.

While in the garden, for a reason I don’t remember, I walked between long rows of potatoes. And I will never forget the way the large grasshoppers jumped and attached themselves to me. Over and over grasshoppers leapt and stuck to my skin and my clothes. I tried to swat them away, but I didn’t like how they felt all insect-y and clingy. I left the garden as fast as I could while trying not to disturb the remaining grasshoppers.

I don’t remember ever telling anyone of what happened to me that day. As farmers, they likely would have laughed at me for being scared. Often when I see a very large grasshopper I think of that day. Even now I can feel their sticky feet on my skin. Ugh.

It’s so odd now remembering that story and finding out that my spirit animal is a grasshopper. My creative mind can imagine I was being initiated into the realm of the grasshopper. But at the time, I felt like a very scared little girl being attacked by the grasshoppers in her grandma’s garden.

Today I received a gift. I am blessed with awareness of my spirit animal. I am blessed with the energy of my spirit animal. I am The Grasshopper and I love it.

The image used is from Canva.

I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well,