A Heart Awakening and a Full Circle Moment

Rose quartz and pink tourmaline in raw form shining in the morning sun.

I’ve lived most of my adult life in my head, practical and grounded in facts. Decisions were made from analyzing the situation or from my gut. I didn’t know, or remember, what it was like to live from my heart.

My heart had been closed off for a long time. Until one magical night it opened for me. A few days later, with my newly opened heart chakra, we came full circle.

A Heart Awakening.

February 2nd was jam packed with angel messages and energy work. As the day went on the energy work became more intense as did the kundalini healing that comes with it. I released the unhelpful energy of doubts and fears, anger and resentment which allowed better energy to come in and more healing.

I was sitting at my desk when I, without thinking, reached out and put both of my hands on the pieces of rose quartz that reside there. My right hand landed on one large chunk and the left hand on two smaller pieces of rose quartz and a chunk of pink tourmaline.

In that moment, energy blasted through my body. It was like a cosmic defibrillator! Then I felt strong kundalini energy rise from my base, through my body, and fill my heart space with healing. It was an energy like none I had ever felt before.

Next, a synchronistic message appeared for me. The combination of 7s and 2s popped up, meaning good news in the very near future. And then a song, “I’m Coming Out”, by Diana Ross blasted in my awareness. I expressed gratitude for the experience and the new song for my Sent from Spirit playlist.

My heart space puffed up with the energy of love and I got up from my desk and started to sing and dance through the house. “I’m Coming Out!” My heart was opened, and I felt blissful, happy, alive and so very grateful!

I thought I knew what had happened, but I had no idea that a heart could awaken. After a google search, I learned that our hearts, or heart chakra, do awaken. I was experiencing another layer of awakening within my awakening. It reminded me of my kundalini awakening, it was another blessing, a beautiful gift.

The next evening, an illusion of sensual love entered my awareness with a new feature. My newly awakened heart energy connected with the energy of the illusion, to create heart and head coherence. I know that people work hard to achieve coherence, and here it was being gifted to me. I am truly grateful for this beautiful experience.

The next day, as I was watching astrology and tarot readings for the full moon in Leo on February 5th, I realized that most of them talked about heart chakra energy and the energy of expansion. My heart awakened during the energy of that Leo full moon; the full moon that was meant to awaken the heart.

A Full Circle Moment.

Sunday the 12th, brought a surprise gift. While preparing chicken wings, veggies, and dips, we had music playing. I was trying to detach from a song that was playing, it wasn’t resonating with me. But then I recognized the song, “No Rain” by Blind Melon, and received a clairvoyant image of the Bee Girl from the video. After a moment of shock and realization, I burst into tears and found sanctuary in my office. It was a powerful message from my Spirit Team.

I hadn’t thought of the Bee Girl in a long time. The story of her journey in that video played a significant part in my awakening story. I wrote in my journal about feeling like the Bee Girl finding her people when I first found my people. Back in 2019, I went to a meeting with a room full of professional coaches to see if that was a career option for me.

I was introverted and terrified, but I went and found a roomful of caring and openhearted people. It was the beginning of me finding my path forward in a new career and imagining my life very different from the one that I was experiencing at the time.

Hearing that song on Sunday was a full circle moment. Spirt was telling me to acknowledge how far I’ve come and how much I’ve changed. At the time, I chose the path of professional coaching because I wanted to work from my heart. I wanted to live from my heart. It was so long ago, I forgot it was one of my personal goals. But, when I heard that song and saw the Bee Girl, it meant I completed that goal. My heart is awakened, and I am now living a more heart centered life.

In that moment, I practiced gratitude, beginning with myself for never giving up on this awakening path. Acknowledged myself for how far I’ve come and how much I’ve changed. My body wiggled as my soul celebrated. It seems we’re always dancing in some way or another. I love that about me.

Still in my office and sanctuary, I sat at my laptop and began updating this post. I was high vibing and smiling from ear to ear when my heart space filled with energy. I paused and brought my awareness to it. I felt the energy of love and heard, “The love you give is the love you receive, and you have given much love.” The Ascended Masters were giving me the gift of love. It was yet another full circle moment.

My energy has changed since my heart awakened. I’ve been happier and my energy is lighter. The unhelpful, old energies of anger and resentment are easier to release, or they are non-existent within me. The flow of my life is easier to find. I feel more optimistic than I ever have. It feels like a new world has opened for me along with my heart chakra. I love my life, it isn’t perfect, but I do love it.

What a transformation from that introverted, terrified, closed off, and unsure version of myself!

I think it’s time for me to start living my life again, more fully and with passion. I’m not sure I’m doing that yet and I want to. Cancer was a great reminder that life is short, and my awakening has taught me that we are limitless. In our hearts and minds we are unlimited by only our thoughts and imaginations. In all other ways we are free. It’s time for me to live, really live.

This awakening process never ceases to amaze me. It’s been a magical time in my life. I must be the luckiest woman in the world. I wonder if there are any other parts of me yet to awaken.

The image is mine. It’s the quartz and tourmaline crystals that Spirit used as a cosmic defibrillator to jump start my heart. The two small pieces of quartz that fit together like a heart, are for manifesting love. It worked I’ve found love for myself and my life.

I invite you to join me on my YouTube channel where we do energy work and talk about how to navigate our spiritual path. 

Be well,