Why Have a Word for the Year?

A word bubble with "word" inside on a blue sky background.

Some of us like to make New Year’s resolutions. For some though, making resolutions doesn’t resonate. Others of us like to have a word or a phrase to aid us in the coming year. But what’s the point of having a “word” and how do we use it when we have one?

What’s the Point?

A word can represent a goal, a direction, or energy we’d like to experience. It is an affirmation of what the coming year represents to us. It is a concise message that we can carry with us as we move through the new year.

We can choose our word intentionally, knowing what the coming year has in store for us. It can be based on a goal, something we’d like to achieve. It can also be an affirmation for an energy we want to experience, carry, and put out into the universe.

Our “word” becomes a focus. It can remind us of what’s important-our intention for the year. When challenges arise, we can recall our “word”. We can allow it to remind us of our goal, affirmation, attention, and move in that direction. Our “word” provides us with guidance.

How to Choose a Word.

When we know that the coming year brings major events, we can choose a word that will help us navigate those events. When we have goals, we can choose a word that helps us focus on those goals. When we aren’t sure what the year will bring, we can choose a word that helps us remain open to what comes.

There is another way to choose a word, meditate on it. Set the intention to receive a word in meditation. It may not come immediately, but with focus and intention, it will come. Be open to receiving whatever word comes and allow your spirit team to guide you forward.

My Word for 2024.

I like to meditate and receive my “word”, but it didn’t work last year. As 2023 began, I had no “word”. I tried over and over but nothing came. Eventually I released attachment and accepted that I wasn’t going to have a word. I trusted my spirit team and trusted the process.

Again, this year I sat in meditation for my “word” for 2024. I was surprised to receive two words. My word for 2023 came through at the same time my word for 2024 came through. It was a little confusing, but I confirmed it with my intuition and found clarity.

My word for 2023 was “transformation”. If you’ve read my blog posts in 2023, it is clear that I’ve been experiencing deep transformation as my spiritual awakening continues and I align with my soul purpose. The year was filled with deep healing and the continued development of psychic gifts. All of it was transformative. I feel transformed.

My word for 2024 was more surprising and exciting. That word is “emergence”. It entered my awareness with an image of the mythological phoenix rising from the ashes. This year I will be rising up from years of transformation and emerging into a new life. I don’t always have a word, but when I do it becomes a source of support and guidance. This year will be no different as I emerge into a new phase of life.

Your “Word” is for You.

Your “word” can be created by you to help you focus on a goal. It can be a phrase more than a “word” if that serves you better. You may receive your word from your spirit team-they do know what is in store for you in the coming year. Your “word” is for you and your unique Divine life path and soul purpose.

Our “words” for the year ahead, are the intentions we are carrying forward. We already know that the words we use are important as they communicate our emotions and intentions. The point of having a word for the year is to set our focus, goals, and intentions, and hold ourselves to it. Our “words” help guide us forward as we navigate this year.


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I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well beautiful soul,