The Why's and How's of Energy Releasing

An image of a two hands releasing butterflies.

Why Energy Releasing?

I’ve written about it here and I’ve made videos about it on YouTube; energy releasing has been an important practice for me during my spiritual awakening and soul purpose path. Very important. So much so that I am revisiting the topic again here.

I don’t know how people move through life without releasing old, stuck, and unwanted energies. And I don’t just mean the heaviness of our life’s experiences. I mean the energy that we have already worked through. Once we become aware of our growth, the old energy can remain with us, linger, which is why energy releasing is a part of my daily practices.

Releasing the old energies helps move us forward. It clears energetic space for new energies, people, places, things, and situations to enter our life. Releasing what is no longer serving us and our path sets the intention that we are ready to move forward.

Out with the old and in with the new. Releasing the old is just as important as affirming the new. That simple exchange continues to propel us forward along our spiritual paths, our soul purpose paths, and in life in general. Should you ever feel stuck, release the old energies to move forward again.

Spirit Showed Me How.

It was early on in my awakening process, and I was just beginning to receive downloads. I remember the feeling was intense. Over time I felt like I was being blown up like a balloon. Each download was like another breath that stretched and filled my body.

One time, I remember feeling like I was going to burst. I heard, “release”. I responded by saying, “I release!”. In an instant the energy released from my body, and I felt relieved of the pressure that had been building up. My body relaxed and I exhaled with relief. It was the first time I released energy and it felt so good.

Early on in my energy releasing practice it helped to visualize the energy leaving my body. Sometimes I would imagine myself pushing the energy out of my body. Sometimes I would help the energy release by moving my hands over my body as if to sweep the energy away.

The visualization and the physical gesture of moving the energy out helped me greatly in the beginning. Over time, and with intention, energy releasing became one of my favorite practices.

My Practice Has Evolved.

It took me a while to figure out the words and intentions of energy releasing, but I did. I started just doing a simple release. It sounded like, “I release”. Over time I began using affirmations that were specific to the energy and work that I was doing.

It didn’t matter what kind of growth that I was experiencing, I could customize the practice of releasing. I have released every old energy, and every emotion I could think of. Although, to be honest, most of what I released was emotions that I had worked through.

Once, I tried to release the energy of loneliness. When it didn’t work, I investigated. My intuition told me that I was experiencing loneliness in the current moment. I wasn’t allowed to release a current and active emotion. I had to feel it first.

Energy releasing is a practice meant for old energies. Emotions are energy in motion and are meant to be felt, experienced, and then released. Releasing helps with the old energies that are left over after doing the inner work or situations that we have already healed from. My intentions are always focused on the old energies.

“I release old anger and resentment.”

“I release the old energy of sadness.”

“I release what is no longer serving a purpose.”

“I release expired karma.”

“I release the old heaviness on my heart.”

Soon I began to enjoy releasing the old energies that weren’t a part of my current experience. I was doing a lot of inner work and had a lot coming up to be released. The constant downloads and inner work meant that I was releasing old energies frequently. It was then that I decided to make it part of my daily practices.

Each morning with my practices I release the old energies. Because it’s a daily practice, and not necessarily tied to inner work, I started using more general intentions.

“I release what is no longer serving a purpose. I release what is no longer aligned with my Divine life path. I release what is no longer aligned with my soul’s purposes. I release expired karma. I release expired contracts.”. It’s long, but I find it helpful to ensure that I am releasing the energies of the inner work that I do as it comes up.

If I ever find that the energy isn’t releasing, I use a different intention. I say, “I release any and all energies that are ready to be release whether I am aware of them or not.” The affirmation is broad enough that all the old junky energy is released whether or not I know what needs to be released.

Because it is a daily practice, there are days when I have nothing to release. There are also days when I forget to practice releasing and then my intuition reminds me that I have old energies to release.

My daily practice ensures that my energy is clear and ready to receive new downloads, new energies, people, places, things, and situations. It ensures that I am moving forward along my path.

How to Create Your Own Energy Releasing Practice.

I learned energy releasing from spirit, then I created a practice from it. Which means that you too can create your own energy releasing practice.

Step 1. Go inward and bring your awareness to the energy that you want to release. You can do it during your practices or anytime you feel energy that you are ready to let go of.

Step 2. Set the intention to release the energy that you are ready to release. Be precise if you know what to release and use broader language if you’re unclear about what to release. “I release the energy of ________.” Fill in the blank for what you need, desire, or want to release.

Step 3. If it helps, use visualization or a physical gesture that looks or feels like moving the energy out. See the energy release from your energy or body. Speak your intention while pushing the energy away from you.

Step 4. Gratitude, always express gratitude for releasing the old energies. Gratitude for the old energies and what they brought and gratitude for the space you’ve made for new to enter your life. There is always a reason to be grateful.

Step 5. Look for the signs. The signs of releasing become clearer with time and experience. You may feel the relief of releasing the old energy. Other signs of energy releasing from the body are yawning, coughing, intestinal release, and crying. All are forms of releasing that we do instinctively.

Consistent practice ensures that you will become more adept at releasing the old energies. You will begin to know when you are ready to release. You may feel the energy build up and know that it is time to let it go. Remember it is about consistency and commitment, not perfection.

It Just Feels Good.

Our bodies can only hold so much energy. If we are holding onto the old, unwanted, or expired energies we have less capacity for new to enter our lives. We can feel heavy and weighed down by past energies, people, places, things, or situations.

Whether it is a periodic practice or one that becomes part of your daily life, it can help. It can free you of the old and make way for new energy, people, places, things, and situations. It can relieve pressure and tension of the old energies that you have already worked through.

Releasing energies can help you move through the cycles of growth and change. Not only can it be helpful, but it can also just feel good to shed old energies.


I have a playlist on YouTube for various energy releasing intentions. I invite you to check it out if that serves your practices.

Or you can read what I wrote about energy releasing as part of my Finding Your Soul Purpose series.

The image used in this post is from Canva.

I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well, beautiful soul,