Finding Your Soul Purpose -
Release Energies that are Old, Outdated, and no Longer Aligned

A visual representation of a soul with text that reads "release energies that are old, outdated, and no longer aligned."

This post is part of series about "How to "Find" Your Soul Purpose". You can read the original post here. In this series I am expanding on each part of the process that I used to find my soul's purposes as mentioned in that original post. If I can find my soul's purposes, I know you can too. 

Our bodies can hold only so much energy. For as much as we are attracting good energy through our spiritual practices, we also need to release the old energies that are no longer serving. By releasing outdated energy, we are making space for new energy that is aligned with the version of us we are now.

On our path to discover our soul’s purpose we may need to release more than energy. We may choose to release people, places, and things that no longer serve our soul’s purpose. We may find that we want to move forward in a different way than we have been which may require us to release things that are no longer aligned with our path and purpose. We may want to shift our energy and attention.

Allow your intuition to guide you to what needs to be released while also using your own discernment. It is likely that you don’t need to release everything, but you may need to release people, places, and things that are no longer serving your soul’s purpose. Remember you have free will and can choose to move forward in any way that serves you and your purpose.

Be Willing to Sacrifice What no Longer Resonates.

Be willing to sacrifice what is no longer aligned with your goal of finding your soul’s purpose. Whatever doesn’t resonate with you may be draining you of energy that is better used towards your goal. That said, the changes don’t have to be dramatic. They can be small shifts of energy that come from awareness.

Bring awareness to what is serving, helping, and supporting your goal of finding your soul purpose. What doesn’t meet that condition then can be looked at more deeply. Is it needed or wanted? Can it be sacrificed? Asking these questions can help you understand what energies, people, places, and things are ready to be released.

Use your discernment and make choices that align with you and your current energy. And, if you’re not sure what is in alignment, wait until you are. Clarity will come in time and there is no need to rush our choices. We are better served by going with the flow.

Release People, Places and Things Have Become Outdated.

As we move forward on our quest to discover our soul’s purposes, we can expect people, places, and things to become outdated. Sometimes it happens naturally as we gravitate towards what resonates and away from the old. Sometimes we must prioritize our path to purpose and make choices that allow things to fall away from us.

It can be challenging to let things go and move forward. It can also be freeing and exciting. We may be able to find a balance, or we may need to cut off things that just are no longer working for us. We may be able to integrate it all together. Do what works for you and your purpose. Discern for yourself what is working for you and what isn’t. Then you can release knowing that you are serving your highest purpose.

Release Self-Imposed Pressures.

Release pressures of timing and other social constructs such as others’ expectations. We are always on our path and in Divine and perfect timing. Any stress caused by worrying about if we are on the right path or doing the right things lowers our vibration. It may be subtle, but we certainly don’t want to be putting up barriers or blockages for ourselves.

I still catch myself thinking about how I can move forward more quickly. I tend to overthink so to release the pressure, I remind myself that I am in Divine and perfect timing. I also remember that is meant for me will always find me. Sometimes we need to create our own practices and affirmations to help us through the self-imposed pressures. Do what serves you and is aligned with you.

Energy Releasing Practices.

As we move through change, intense energies can build up in our energy bodies. We can hold only so much energy, and it may be helpful to create an energy release practice. Sitting in meditation with the intention of releasing the old energies can be very helpful.

It is most helpful to release energy when we are feeling low, frustrated, and unsure of our path forward. Connect with your spirit team and set the intention to release the old energy. Allow the energy to leave, express gratitude, and call forth the energy you wish to embody. It is a practice worth having in your spiritual tool kit.

Energy releasing has been an important practice for me during my spiritual awakening and path to find my soul’s purpose. So much so, that I made YouTube videos sharing my practice. If you’re interested in discovering more about energy releasing, here is a link to my YouTube playlist.


Whether we are releasing naturally or with intention, it is a valuable practice. By releasing the old we are ensuring that we have space for new energies and new awareness. Releasing old energies, people, places, things, is sometimes what we need to help move us forward in our quest to find our soul’s purpose.

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I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

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