Spending Time with Soul Family in Mediumship

An image of my altar with white candle lit and glowing.

In recent weeks, I’ve been spending time with a friend, soul family. They are someone who gets me, understands, and sees me. Our energy clicks and when we allow our spirit teams to guide us forward, we connect deeply and in ways I didn’t know were possible. Last week the vortex of energy created by our combined energy allowed us to connect with their family in spirit. It was an extraordinary connection.

Spending Time.

Our intention was to enjoy our time together. We went places and did things together. We talked and shared our spiritual journeys. Not once did we talk about sitting in mediumship as our connection deepened.

Our conversations became fluid. They would mention things that had recently come into my awareness. I brought up things that they had been in their awareness recently. The energy seemed to be swirling around us, “like a vortex”, I told myself.

One afternoon while my friend and I were sitting in the tropical conservatory at the botanic gardens, deep in conversation, I felt energy rise within me that I was called to share. No, that’s not accurate, I had to share. The words spilled out of my mouth; it was a message from their family in spirit.

Later that day, at home and on my cushion sitting in power, an energy came through that was unfamiliar. Claircognizance and intuition told me it was my friend’s mother. I heard, “connection, connection, connection” and knew they wanted me to connect them in mediumship.

Next, I was guided to message my friend. I was stunned to know that I connected with someone in mediumship that wasn’t my family in spirit. I sat with that energy for a while, but the sense that I had to message my friend was strong. The message went out and I sat processing the experience of a non-family member coming through in mediumship.

A short time later, I received a strong and clear clairvoyant image. My sanctuary was set up for my friend and I to be in mediumship together. They showed me a ceremony, candles lit, singing bowls, and how to position the cushions so that we were facing each other. I had everything I needed to sit in mediumship, and I knew it would happen because spirit showed me how.

And then, I received my friend’s reply. Yes, they were going to sit in mediumship with me. The idea didn’t scare or excite me, it felt natural. It felt right with me, spirit, and the universe. It felt aligned with my soul’s purpose.


A couple of days later, my friend came over for the ceremony. We talked and caught up as I boiled water for tea. Before the tea was properly steeped, I felt the energy build. It was strong and felt jumpy and unsettled, like anxiety. It was time to start.

In my sanctuary, I set the room just as I had envisioned it. Candles were lit and cushions were moved, but the rest was forgotten as the energy came through strongly. We released old energy, and burned sage to cleanse the people, places, and things.

I tapped into the energy with intention. The energy became stronger and stronger as the channel opened. In this moment, as I write, I can’t tell you what words I spoke. I was deep into the energy of the moment.

In films when the main character is moving between dimensions of space and time, there is a moment when they are in both. The world around them goes all wobbly and wavy and they see what no one else can see. There are whooshing sounds, and their hair is blowing wildly. All the while, to the outside world, they are peaceful and serene. There is nothing that gives away their path between worlds. That was me. That is what this session of mediumship felt like.

Part of me was set aside. I could only do what I was guided to do. I can’t remember if I said the words out loud or internally, or both, but there was a process. I was guided to connect with my mom in spirit. She connected me with the soul of my friend’s mother. There were messages, guidance, and so much love.

My friend’s mother in spirit was sending her love through me to her child. It was strong. I experienced a mother’s love as strong as Divine love and opened myself to channel it to my friend. It was for them, between them. There were many tears on both sides of the channel.

Next, I received awareness that my friend and her mom were like me and my mom. Their souls were healing and growing simultaneously on both the soul plane and the earth plane. “You are not alone. You are never alone.”

The Aftermath.

The energy began to fade. My friend and her mom continued to cry on their respective planes of existence. A noise in the house startled us and the channel closed. We sat in my sanctuary for a time, processing our individual experiences.

My body received kundalini healing. I was moving like a snake as it journeyed from the base of my spine to the top of body. My intuition flared and my body twiggled as we processed the energy and the experience. My thumbs stroked my teacup letting me know that my mom in spirit was with me.

As we recovered, my friend mentioned that our combined energy was like a vortex. I shared that I had thought the same thing earlier in the week. Our combined energy is greater than the sum of its parts. A reminder that soul connections are so very powerful.

We gave ourselves and each other the time we needed to recover. We wiped our tears, breathed, and tried to recall what had happened. We sat and talked until more tea was needed.

We continued our evening sharing cups of tea and eating dinner together. From the outside it was as though we’d been hanging out casually chit-chatting about our days. Our calm demeanors hid the fact that a miracle of love and healing had just occurred.

Since that night I have been blessed with renewed inner peace and inner strength. I have been blessed with more downloads than I can count. I also have awareness of more souls and new vortexes forming. More soul family members are coming closer. I can feel it and I open to receive them.

I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well, beautiful soul,