A Visit from Mom Spirit

A very old photo of my mom on a playground swing with infant me in her arms.

I’ve been writing a series about how to find your soul’s purpose. I’m enjoying writing that. It’s a topic that is very near and dear to me. Synchronistic numbers tell me it is part of my soul purpose. At the same time, I am still experiencing a spiritual awakening. There is much to share, and I want to continue writing about that as well. So, we get a bonus post this week! Yay!

In recent weeks the spirit guide I call “Mom Spirit” returned from a quiet period. While sitting in power one day, she was there on my right-hand side as is her energy signature. But she felt different. It was her. I confirmed it intuitively, but she had changed somehow.

My awakening had progressed in her absence. With her return I became aware that our energy had changed. We were no longer in sync as before. It took a few visits before our energy aligned. The adjustment felt odd. But then our energy did align, and it felt right again.

We had both grown on our spiritual journey. I can’t remember now if I heard or intuitively knew that she was learning on her journey through mine. The awareness that came to me was strong and clear. As I was growing through my spiritual awakening, Mom Spirit was as well.

As with clearing ancestral karma, our spiritual growth impacts our ancestors. Our loved ones in spirit see and know us on the earthly plane. It’s another example of how interconnected we all are.

My mom and I were not close when I was growing up, but we were always similar. I was the child that most looked like her. Our coloring was similar. Our health issues were similar. Our birthdays were two days apart. Even though we weren't close we were still connected.

We must be soul family. Besides my cat, Jack, my mother is the energy that I connect with most in spirit. Even though we had our challenges with each other during our human, earthly connection, we have a unique energetic connection after they transitioned.

After reconnecting with Mom Spirit, there was another quiet period. I didn’t feel her presence for a while. Recently I’ve had a few challenging cycles of growth and healing. Then I experienced several of the darkest, and shortest, dark nights of the souls. I felt alone and grew from that, but I yearned for Mom Spirit’s support.

She didn’t return until last week after the dark nights became sunny days again. That’s happened before. It’s hard to connect with spirit when the dark night’s energies are swirling and not yet cleared. But when they clear she came back in another new form.

She came back in the energy of an angel. She came with hugs. They are much like the hugs I get from the angels, but with her signature. When she was “Mom Spirit” her signature was rocking me from side to side while sitting on my right. It had been that since the beginning, until a couple of days ago.

I felt her hands grip my upper arms. My awareness was drawn to her right thumb on my left upper arm. I felt her facing me. Squeezing me and filling me with her love. Mom’s love. Not Mom Spirit. She was my mom. I felt her love and wept. Old, sad, lonely energies released from my body in big fat tears. It was that release that only our moms can inspire.

I see now that her soul elevated as mine elevated. I was witness to her soul’s evolution. The levels and realms are new to me. I don’t fully understand it all, but I know energy. I’ve documented it here on my blog. All of her stages are documented here. It’s as if our soul’s purposes are intertwined. It is fascinating and awe inspiring.

Yesterday was a day full of sitting in power, downloads, energy releasing, energy upgrades and housework. I was tired. I exerted my free will and managed the energy best I could, but it was exhausting. But then I received the most amazing visit.

After exchanging so much energy with spirit I was comforting myself, hugging and rocking. I felt a big hug, like an angel hug, and then my awareness went to my left upper arm. I felt her strong hands and an image of her right thumb flashed through my mind. It was Mom.

I sat in that energy and received her. And then I heard, “I am so proud.” I wept big, healing tears. It was the first time in either life or spirit that she had told me that. (I am crying again as I type this.) It was a wound, perhaps a core wound. I carried it and used it as evidence of my perception that I was neglected as a child.

In that moment and with her energy, I healed that wound. It was one of the most perfect moments of my life. A core memory healed a core wound. One that was made with my mom, in spirit. It felt like a gift after the end of a few challenging cycles of growth and healing.

I am so very grateful for this path that my soul has chosen. Our purposes are extraordinary. Maybe not, but they feel that way. They are extraordinary to me. Maybe that’s what it feels like to live on purpose or live our soul’s purpose. I don’t need to figure it out. All I need to do is love it, be grateful, and enjoy it.

If you’re interested in learning how to find your soul’s purpose, start with this post here. Then, if it serves, continue with the series.

Today’s image is one that I forgot about. It is my mom and I at a park sometime before my first birthday. Even then her strong hands were holding me. They have likely been holding me longer than I realize. I’m grateful to find this picture. It’s the only one that I have with her smiling like this.

I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well,