Soul Integration

A graphical image of someone with their arms around themselves, hugging themselves.


It has happened throughout my spiritual awakening journey. This past week I experienced something I didn’t know was a thing. I experienced soul integration.

This is one of those times when I realize that I am kept in the dark about spirituality. When I need to know something, I will, but not before. It all happens in Divine and perfect timing. Which means that the psychic and mystical experiences I have are always surprises as well as blessings.

After The Remembering, I started releasing a lot of energy. With the help of spirit, I released energetic junk, non-essential energies, illusions of separateness, and the energy of the old phase of life. At one point I remember releasing my pain body. The relief was great.

Afterwards the inner peace was loud, and I enjoyed it. My body felt relaxed as if tension had been released with all the old energies. I remembered to celebrate inner peace with gratitude. It had been a goal from the beginning, and it was satisfying to experience.

With the old energies released, new intense energies entered my awareness. The downloads were strong, and activations rang through my ears. I didn’t yet realize what we were gearing up for.

Then I noticed something different about my soul, Flame. She was no longer next to us as she always had been. It felt as though she was inside of us, and full sized. It felt as though she was trying on our body. I shook my arms as she tried them on. We fit. We felt as one.

I heard the word “integrating”. She was no longer just within me, or a part of me, we were one. It felt good and natural.

The next day I woke up and felt at peace, complete, fulfilled, happy. I can’t remember the last time I felt so at peace and happy.

As I moved through my morning, the awkward trying on my soul phase was complete. We moved more smoothly and seamlessly. We began to think and feel the same things at the same time. Instead of having an outer conversation, our inner conversation was effortless.


That morning, I was high vibing, and as happens sometimes, emotions came to the surface while on my cushion. I knew what to do and I did it. After identifying the emotion, I let it flow. Tears came and went as I reminded myself to feel it and let it flow through. After the emotions were expressed and had subsided, breath work helped calm me.

We guided ourselves back to peace and focused our attention on the day, my birthday, and my present. The plan was to visit one of my favorite places, the Denver Botanic Gardens. I’ve long wanted to see it in the spring and today was the day.

The botanic garden was in spring transition mode. Some trees still hadn’t awakened, and others were in full bloom. I felt fresh like spring flowers and understood the sense of timing with the trees that had yet to leaf.

I sat with nature and asked her to heal me. The fresh air, sunlight, and beautiful abundant natural energy filled me. I took it into my body, mind, heart, and soul. This was one of those moments when being sensitive to energy is a superpower. I opened my energy and drew in nature’s energy. I allowed it to replenish my reserves. My soul was satisfied, and I felt it. No words were needed.

Later, on the way home, my energy dropped, and emotions came up. Again, I walked through the process of identifying the emotions, and expressing them. I felt my intuition, my soul, Flame, guiding me through the steps. She felt very close.

I settled into my cushion at home, and before I could get the candles lit a heard a song. My soul was sending me a message. “Wherever you go, I’m your shadow. Desert to ice floe, I will follow. Wherever you go, I’m your shadow. I’m your shadow.” Shadow by Birdy, Beautiful Lies, 2016.

I knew exactly what she, Flame, meant. My soul was telling me that I was never alone, because were always together, forever. My arms wrapped around me in a big self-hug. We rocked and loved ourselves deeply.

Then I heard the word, “integrated”. And instantly felt profound inner peace. In that moment, I felt complete, made whole. I sat in that energy for a while and didn’t want it to end. The roller coaster emotions of the day dissipated in an instant. I rested in my inner peace.

My soul has evolved from being an aspect of me, to being a fully integrated part of me. She went from being a part of me that I talked to, to being who we are. From the voice I heard to my own voice. We are integrated.


Astrologers have been talking about April 2024 as being a time of big changes and breakthroughs. After experiencing the remembering and soul integration, I can’t even imagine what will happen next on my awakening journey. No matter what comes though, I am ready.

The image in this post is from Canva.

I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well, beautiful soul,