Shifting Energies in Our Spaces

A dining tabletop decoration of a green plant in a terracotta pot and a terracotta vase.

At the end of March, I wrote a post about spring cleaning my kitchen and the energy release that it facilitated. Last week, I made a YouTube video about releasing old energies from our spaces. Are you sensing a theme?

It’s spring where I live and I’m really feeling the need to shift away from old energies and into new fresh energies. I work at home, so I spend a lot of time in the same spaces, my sanctuary/office, the kitchen, and the dining room where I like to work most weekdays. Those spaces become stale.

The things I see every day become unseen, uninspiring, and just plain worn or dirty. When I notice those lower vibrational energies, I begin to move, shift, clean, or replace. All of which brings in those fresh new energies. And sometimes, that’s exactly what is needed.

Change décor for the seasons. This may seem obvious, but that’s because it works. Holiday decorations always help shift the energy. But if you’re not into holiday decorations, like me, there are other ways to change with the seasons. A change of bedding, decorative pillow, or throw can shift the energy in the room in an instant. It doesn’t always mean spending money. Recently, I changed the way the quilt on my bed was folded, and it changed the feel of the room. The space is brighter, and it was an easy change that cost me nothing.

Shift the plants. As the seasons change, and the angle of the sun changes, sometimes plants need to move or be rotated. Other times, I just like to move them around, redecorate with them, or prioritize my current favorite plant. Those small shifts can create a new view and a new perspective. It’s like seeing them for the first time.

Shift décor between rooms. This is one of my favorite things to do periodically. It’s re-decorating but with the things we already have. If our favorite vases, plants, pillows, or pictures become stale in one room, move them, and mix it up. By shifting décor between our spaces, each area seems new again. We are tricking our brain to see them in a new way, and they become fresh again. And all without spending a dime.

Refresh your altar or meditation space. This is one I learned from Spirit. Look at each item on your altar or in your meditation space. What does it represent? Why is it important to be in that space? Your answers to those questions will help you either keep or swap those items for things that resonate with your current energy. It just may be what gets you to spend a little more time at your altar or meditation space and it ensures that your sacred space feels like yours.

Decorate with chakra colors. I did this when I was working on my throat chakra. I placed a large turquoise vase in prominent positions around my house for over a year. It started on the dining table and then moved to the bedroom, then the bathroom, and now it’s in my sanctuary/office space. Having the color around helps support the chakra that’s being focused on. I also do this with my clothes, sometimes intentionally and sometimes without thinking about it. Our chakra system is our energy. If you’re working on a specific chakra, focus on those colors in your home and wardrobe. The colors will support your energy and can help your energies shift.

Small shifts in our home can make a big difference in our energy. They don’t have to cost anything or be big grand changes. They can be, but they can also be small gestures and mindful moves. Sometimes we need to shift our energy, in any way we can. Shifting the energy in our spaces may be the inspiration we need to move forward.

The image today is mine of my dining table.

Grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well,