Spring Cleaning and Energy Releasing

purple crocus flowers blooming in green grass.

It had been on my mind for weeks, maybe months. The vent in the kitchen, honestly the entire kitchen, needed a deep clean. This weekend, I was finally ready to get it done. I felt the timing was right.

The astrological new year is here as we are now in Aries season. The equinox has come and gone signaling spring in the northern hemisphere. New beginnings are here. I really needed to cleanse the old energy out of my space. That meant, it was time to spring clean.

First, I put on headphones and my “happy vibes” playlist. Next, I filled a bucket with pine scented disinfectant, pulled out the step stool, and set the intention. “I am cleansing away the old energy to make way for the new”.

I scrubbed for hours. Every inch of the kitchen was deep cleaned, including the vent on the ceiling. I don’t like heights, but I climbed anyway. I stood on the counter top and cleaned the vent, first with a rag and then with cotton swabs. Success! As I stepped down, always the scariest part, I repeated to myself, “I am brave. I am brave.” And I was, I didn’t wobble once.

I sang and danced as I cleaned the cabinets, backsplash, and floors. And when the music resonated, I affirmed the lyrics. “I am wise. I am love.” At some point I realized that my body was going to hurt the next day. But instead of worrying, I told myself, “I am strong. I am healing”. The energy of the old was washed down the drain and my affirmations were filling the space with the new energy.

The pine fragrance reminded of Saturdays when I was young. Mom would rattle us awake to clean the house. If we looked bored, we’d get assigned another cleaning task. It felt like torture to my young self. But this time, instead of pouting at having to do house cleaning on this Saturday morning, I felt very much at peace.

Once finished with my work, I started heating up Friday night’s pizza for lunch. Standing at the stove, I suddenly began to cry. It was time to release the old energy. I put my hands on my body, connected with spirit, and together we began releasing as much old energy as I could think of. I was being rung out like the cloth I had been using to clean. When I ran out of intentions, I asked my heart and soul for their help. We released more energy. I was being cleansed.

For weeks I’ve been releasing energy from my mind, body, heart, and soul. I’ve released more than I thought my energy body could hold. But that afternoon, standing in my sparkling clean kitchen, I released more old energy. It was a relief. A long, hot shower completed the cleansing process. Afterwards I felt pink and new, and quite tired.

Until this year, I had never made the connection between spring cleaning, the astrological new year, and the equinox. These are powerful new energies. Maybe spring cleaning isn’t for everyone, but there is energy of clearing out the old and bringing in the new this time of year. It is the power of spring cleaning and energy releasing.

The image today is from Canva. The crocuses are up in my neighborhood that look just like that image. Other flowers are sprouting too; hyacinth, daffodils, and tulips coming up. I love the spring bulbs and their signals of a new season.

I’m grateful you’re here.

Be well,