My Breast Cancer Journey - Part 12

Downloads and Spiritual Healing.

Ever since I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was concerned about how it would impact my spiritual awakening that’s been in progress since sometime in 2019. I found my answer this week in another ascension download. My first since surgery in April.

I started receiving familiar synchronicities last week. Then I had a few minutes of intense ringing in my left ear one evening. The next day I woke up to a countdown of synchronistic numbers. These patterns are still surprising even though they are familiar. I knew that I had received another download.

The last few weeks I’ve been moving my body and clearing old energy, which then created the space for new energies and the download. And so, my spiritual awakening continues, and I’m grateful for that. It’s been the most challenging and the most rewarding period of my life. I look forward to it continuing.  


Spiritual Healing is Self-Care.

I’m healing very well, physically. Spiritually, my vibration has been like a roller coaster. I have moments that I can find peace and beauty. Then there are times where my energy is heavy and low vibe. My need for self-care has reached beyond my physical body.

My doctors and care team can only do so much. At this point in my healing, I need help with my spirituality. I reached out and made an appointment with a spiritual healer that I know, Katrina Gustafson at Karma Yoga Center. 

She and her husband own Karma Yoga Center. They are astrologers, yogis, healers and shamans. It was Michael Shankara who read my astrological birth chart, and it changed the course of my life. (This isn’t an advertisement, I paid for the session with my own funds. If you’re interested in their services, I recommend them without hesitation.)

Katrina and I met on Friday morning at the yoga studio. It was warm and sunny in the room. We talked about everything that has been going on with me, my spiritual awakening, the cancer, and my current energies. After talking for a while, she started her healing process using many different modalities. I breathed the energy in deep as I repeated my intention.

My body hummed with energy when I left the yoga studio. I’ve been integrating both the healing session and the ascension. I look forward to integrating understanding the changes. So far, I’ve noticed my creativity beginning to shine a little brighter, just like my energy.

The combination of medical care and spiritual care suits me perfectly. I’m glad that I don’t have to choose between doctors and healers. It feels right to combine them. It feels like balance.  


Next Up.

This week I have another radiation appointment to see if I’m ready for treatment. My range of motion is good. I’m sure I’ll be ready. The appointment has been rescheduled several times, by me and by the provider. Some of the equipment has been down. Maybe Mercury retrograde has played a role in divine timing. I’m good with the delays, they are allowing me to finish up the meditation teacher training course before I start the three weeks of daily radiation treatment. Truthfully, I was concerned about my ability to do both at the same time. Healing is still taking a lot of my energy.

My meditation teacher training is coming to completion this week. I’m looking forward to continuing my studies and integrating what I’ve learned. Sharing this style of meditation with my clients, cancer patients, and cancer survivors is next. May it be of service.


Lessons this Week.

Self-care, self-care, self-care. It’s so important that we take care of ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. We can have the best medical care and seek spiritual care. We can have the experience we want by blending and balancing our care.

Self-care can take many forms. What self-care do you need this week? How can you honor your needs? What is one thing you can do this week to create more balance for yourself?

Divine timing. Everything happens in divine timing. Everything. My radiation therapy keeps getting pushed out later and later. At first, I was ready to get it started and then I realized that it would be better to wait until after meditation teacher training was finished to conserve and protect my energy. That’s exactly what’s happened, radiation treatment has waited until my classes are completed. Divine timing works in our favor. Always.

Is there an area of your life that you are pushing the timing? Can you let go a little and allow divine timing? 

Side Note.

The picture I used last week and today are mine. I enjoy photography and intend to start using more of my pictures.


Be well,