Ascensions and Synchronicities

People write and make videos about synchronicities, downloads, and ascensions all the time, but they aren’t mainstream topics. They may sound out there and woo woo. They may seem fake or contrived. Until they happen to you.

I didn’t believe in them. I thought synchronicities were a psychological effect until they began to happen to me. While there were lots of resources, videos and articles, I still felt isolated and alone in my experience. I didn’t quite understand what was happening to me.

I started to document ascensions and angel numbers in my journal. I wanted to document the flow, the process, the meaning. I wanted to know how to read the synchronicities and the flow of ascension for myself.

Below are excerpts from my journal, which are in quotes. I’ve added notes to help explain the process. I’ve edited it down but not much. It covers at least one ascension / download cycle and all the synchronicities that I saw during that time. I was also able to document a sequence of angel numbers that seemed to be purely situational.

As you read, I’ve added a few meanings for the numbers, but feel free to search on each number in this story to determine the message. There are many articles that detail what each number means. I typically will look at a few articles to make a consensus understanding for myself. I encourage you to do the same, be discerning.

Here is my disclaimer. This is how synchronicities, downloads and ascension play out in my life. How they work in your life maybe entirely different.

I want to share my experience in hopes that this will help the next person looking for answers. Maybe you will find something in this post that you resonate with, something that will help you on your spiritual path.


Wednesday, February 17th

I wrote in my journal, “Feeling sooo much today; fearful, hopeless, lonely, scared. Crying and trying to release this old / current energy. Is this it?”

I go on to complain about how hard I’ve worked on myself and on my business. How it feels like nothing is happening. I then surrender to the universe and allow it to guide me. Expressions of gratitude were next. More crying and releasing are noted. Then I write about releasing the old energies and making space for “confidence, freedom, and strength”.

This seems like the beginning of an ascension cycle. I’m feeling and releasing old emotions that had been a part of me for much of my life.



Thursday, February 18th

I noted the synchronicities that I was seeing that day. What they were and what I was doing at the time.

“11:44 – prepping for (class).”

“11:55 – starting class.”

“111 participants, 114, 133, 141, 144”

“1:55 – getting ready for a client Zoom.”

“2:55 – with (client)”

“3:55, 4:55, 5:55, I surrender, I see your message. I will receive the download.” Notice the pattern of the numbers.

“6:10 – we are watching MSNBC coverage about the TX freeze...” While watching the news, I feel a lightening bolt of energy. “I feel it – FEEL IT” I went into my office, closed the door, and breathed to calm myself.

I’ve remembered to accept the downloads / ascensions, to move them more quickly. I note more intense synchronicities, actions in addition to the numbers. I note the count up of the numbers, “3:55, 4:55, 5:55.”

My notes continue, “It’s happened again – an ascension / upgrade”. And then there are several pages of notes, inspiration, and ideas as I receive the download. I eventually took a break, ate dinner, and relaxed while watching a tarot reading video. 

“8:55 Hanged Man (tarot card) – delay in healing.”

“My last download was 21.2.21, or around then. February looks jam packed with 5’s and ascension like things, downloads. Must map downloads. Tired – winding down. Kinda numb.”


Friday, February 19th

“Last night was the beginning of the symptoms. I woke up with a headache, another ascension symptom. The tension in my shoulders has softened but is still there.” I note researching ascension symptoms. I believe that my 6th and 7th chakra are opening. “Peppermint and lavender rescue me from the headache”.  Ascension symptoms can feel like the flu, headaches, aches and pains. They are sometimes call ‘spiritual flu’.

“11:22, thank you for the sweet message, 11:22, 11:22 – phone, clock, weather app, I’ve seen a few 111’s or sequences / clusters of 1’s.”

“111 page in Meditation Made Easy book.”

“1:11 – I’ve been so achy lately, knees, shoulders, breasts, ribs. So much inflammation. Today, I’m feeling better and now I’m wondering if that was all related to clearing the old, unhelpful energy.” Inflammation is sometimes symptom.  

“1:55 – reading Meditation Secrets for Women.” I note ideas for future writing projects.

 “3:55, 4:55, 5:55 – I’m not sure what’s going on today.” “I see the message, I am grateful.” I am experiencing more synchronicities, not just numbers, messages. Many of the social media posts I see resonate deeply.

I do more research about ascensions. Beginning in 2020 and continuing until now we are experiencing mass ascensions and awakenings. Many people are waking up.  



Saturday, February 20th

“I woke up feeling better today. My headache has dulled.  My shoulders are softer and still slightly achy.” I went to my favorite spiritual shop and bought things to encourage my 6th chakra, the 3rd Eye chakra. My first tarot deck and a small lapis lazuli statue of Ganesha. I note the weather as warm and sunny, “heavenly”.

“My left ear is ringing.” This is often a symptom of our 3rd Eye opening.

“2:55 – It’s time to encourage my 3rd Eye and intuition.”  

“5:55” – studying tarot. It’s fun and relaxing. Later I note, “Letting my mind wander tonight.”

“I feel blocked a little. My shoulder still aches, still clearing.” I am clearing the old unhelpful energy to make way for the new energy.

“15:55” time left in a tarot video that I was watching. I note that I couldn’t sleep, ideas kept bubbling up.” I make notes for my next blog post.


Sunday, February 21st

“1:55, 2:55 – I am ready to receive your blessings. Thank you, I am grateful for your messages.” I tell the universe, hoping to quicken the process.

“3:33 – researching 2525 angel number.” Receiving numbers while researching numbers, LOL.  

“3:55 – writing.”

“4:55 – prepping for dinner, red sauce and meatballs. My back hurts, my head aches a little. I am tired, depleted. Out of balance. I need a hot, salty, lavender bath.”

“355 degrees - cooking.” After preparing dinner I took a hot bath with salt and lavender.

After my bath I meditate, intuitively, freely with no time limit or guide.

“My breath and heart rate occasionally quickened. I breathed back into my meditation. Deep. Then I heard a pop / crackle of energy near my 3rd Eye. Breathed back in (to meditation). Then another lighter crackle of energy. I breathed back in (to meditation). And another. 3 distinct and unique crackles of energy.”

“There is thought online that his is my 3rd eye opening which is also what my intuition said. Cool. The work, crystals, meditation is all working.”


Monday, February 22nd

“2:55 – I have seen more synchronicities that I can count today, 11:11, 111, 10:55. Many 1’s and 5’s.” I go on to express gratitude for the “support and guidance” from the universe.

“10:55 – making hot chocolate.” This is 10:55 p.m. now. “It’s time to figure out what to do going forward (for my business).”

“11:11 – Sudden inspiration for an article, then another, then a tweet that ties in. Thank you spirit! I am grateful for this creative energy!”

“Writing is the path forward. Thank you for spirit for an immediate answer.”


Tuesday, February 23rd

Upon waking up, I find this email alert, “Your legacy is in how you inspire others.”. I take that as a synchronistic message.

“7:55 – prepping for meditation.”

“11 1 111 – reactions to a tweet that says – “I don’t like how everyone on spiritual/tarot/astro twitter is always trying to outsmart one another.” I take this as a message to do my thing, my way.”

“1234 likes on a Twitter post.” I had just looked at an invitation for a webinar that will be helpful in my business.

“11:22 – just read a tweet saying, “message is coming that will solve an ongoing mystery” – webinar? -  Many things feel like signs today.”

“11:44 – making tea and getting ready for webinar. Thank you, universe, spirit for your message. I am grateful for your support.”

“11:55 – time check before webinar – hustling, doing laundry.”

“8 pentacles – shuffling during zoom webinar, the card fell out & my intuition told it me it was a message. I love my deck.”

“12:12 – webinar”

“88% - charging phone – I receive this message almost every day.” For the longest time I had no idea that these were synchronicities. I see 88% on my phone almost daily.

“12:55 – webinar wrapping up.”

“4:44 – left on the guided meditation – put aside and re-started.”

“2:55 – left – breath.”

“2:22 – phone clock.”

“2:34 – doing homework.” I’m currently taking a meditation teacher training so you will see a lot of references to homework and classes.

“4:55 – prepping for class.”

“155 participants in class.”

“5:55 – in class.”

“6:55, 9:55 – is another download coming? I’m feeling much better but I’m not sure if I’ve fully integrated. My shoulders are still carrying tension.”

“10:55 – ready…waiting.”

“11:22 – but tired. Going to bed, good night.”


Wednesday, February 24th

“9:55 – prepping for class.”

“11:55 – just finished posting Wednesday Wisdom.”

“12:12 ‘stepping out of comfort zone’. So, I submitted request to write for (another media site).” I saw this message and took inspired action. I had been thinking about writing for this site and decided to step out of my comfort zone and apply with them.

“1:11 – watching S.J. Anderson astro.” If you like astrology videos, check S.J. Anderson out on Twitter and YouTube, his brand is esoteric and poetic.

“1:23 – find the beauty.” While still watching the video, I noticed the time remaining and what was said.

“777 number of words in the article I’ve been writing.” I stopped writing and saved it at 777, hoping that this article would be a good fit for the media site that I had applied to. I was hoping this number would be lucky.

“2:55, 2:55 – making popcorn for a snack.” Times often repeat because my kitchen clock is slow. No matter how many times I reset it, it is slow. I swear the universe is conspiring to make the numbers repeat. Remember, the universe/God/source/spirit is always conspiring for us.

“3:33 – every time I check a number (clock, phone, social media” it seems to be a sign. Thank you for the lovely messages, universe/spirit. I see them and I’m not sure if I understand them, but I am grateful for the loving kindness and support.” As you can tell, gratitude in an important part of the process.

“88% charge on my phone, I’m not kidding.” Nearly every day I see this number.  

“6:55 – watching (a tarot reading) video.”

Then, sometime later, I note some self-nurturing and inner child work. I am processing and doing the work.

“11:55 – Is there something coming? New healing? New ideas? New energy? May I please have confirmation of the gifts I am to receive? Or was that story above it?” I note the research that I’ve been doing about spiritual and personal growth.

“12:21 – angel number = a reminder of the importance of gratitude in my spiritual life.” I had been carrying the energy of impatience and a low vibration, I needed a reminder.


Thursday, February 25th

“7:55 – prepping for an early class. I feel like there has been some integration going on the past few days. My lack of sleep is, no doubt, getting in the way.

“My head hurts today. It’s either lack of sleep or integration, or another download. It will be interesting to learn what is going on.

“Breath…relax tension in my head and neck. My shoulders are softer today. I’ve definitely experienced a challenging ascension process. I’ve made it through. I am grateful for my new peace and wisdom. Thank you spirit.”  

“12:21 – in meditation teacher training, discussing relaxing into the states of consciousness. “stay positive” Thank you spirit for the beautiful messages.”

“111 participants” in class.

“1:23 – love mantra” in class.

“1:44, 1:44”

“4:44, 4:44, 444 likes”

“9:44 on video.” This message means the angels are supporting my life purpose, I learned later.

“5:55 – it feels like something is coming – help me spirit.” I then start researching ascensions and transmuting fear. My energy felt stuck at this time, so I also did some Qigong to get my energy flowing. I was really hoping to complete this cycle. I was hoping to move the energy through and out of my body.

“7:17 – (I see 7:17 often) watching YouTube videos. Restless tonight.” I was watching videos on 3rd Eye openings and it helped me understand what was happening. I made notes about the videos and processes.

“8:18 – endings and fresh beginnings. I asked for help and I received it. I am grateful.” There are more notes about 3rd eye research and work.


Friday, February 26th

“9:19 – new beginnings – end of cycle – on the right path.” I love how the night before ended with 8:18 and this day began with 9:19.  

“9:55 – this to me, signifies that the most recent download / ascension process is complete. I do feel steadier today.”

“11:33, 11:44, 11:55”

“Relax and allow my true self, my new talents to emerge. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Piss or get off the pot.”

Looking back this makes me laugh. My grandma used to say, “piss or get off the pot.” Maybe she is one of my guides.  


“6:55 – watching Stanley Tucci’s travel show (DVR).”

“8:08 – ‘financially well taken care of’.” I began to research any number that seemed it may be an angel number. I had no idea how many there were. Some of the numbers that I had been documenting but didn’t understand were basically breadcrumbs guiding me. I will never ignore or take lightly the synchronicities that I receive.  

“10:10 – my angels want me to begin to trust myself, my emotions, and thoughts. Integrating.”

And then the creative ideas begin to flow! In my journal at this point there are two pages of notes, articles, random ideas, and thoughts. “I had been feeling very blocked lately. I was blocked, then I received the download, integrated.”

The work was ongoing, “I can/will reframe a portion of my fear to excitement. This is a fun emotion.”

I note my ascension steps: “meditation, process emotion, clear the old energy – self-care / release, receive the download, headache – confusion – process of integration (?), integration.”

“10:55 x 3 “the timing is right for new venture, project, and/or direction. You are free to serve your soul’s mission as your intuition and inner-self dictates.”

“11:11 – I feel held and supported by my angels / spirits. I am so grateful for the upgrade, ascension. I am so grateful. My intuition is becoming stronger.” I go into details. I note what’s happening that shows to me that my 3rd eye is opening. I’m going to keep that part to myself.

“12:34” I’m working out a plan for something new related to work. It’s exciting.

“1:23 – So grateful for my vibe, for my spirit guides. I’m grateful for all of the messages and downloads and ascensions. I am grateful.”


Saturday, February 27th

“card of the day – The Hierophant – inspiration, a major spiritual lesson.” I’ve started to pull my own tarot cards. It’s so much fun. Do it if you’re inclined. It’s good exercise for our intuition.

“11:44, 12:12, 12:55, 88% So much good news today!” I note that I was invited to write for the media website that I applied for. I’m very excited and have an article ready for submission.

“1:23 – in class – shuffling tarot”

“1:55 – in class.”

“2:55 – in class.”

“5:55, 7:17 I am on the right track to see my life purpose and soul mission become easily accomplished.”




Sunday, February 28th

“8:18 nearing the end of a significant & important phase – think thoughts of abundance and prosperity – thoughts are manifesting quickly.” These are some of the definitions of this number. Until this week, I didn’t know this was a synchronistic number.  

“tarot – The Chariot – overcoming conflicts and moving forward in a positive direction”. I’m really resonating with my daily pulls.

At this point, it really does feel like I’m at the end of the ascension cycle. I slept better than I have in weeks, a full 9 hours. I was feeling better.

And then I start receiving another set of messages as I prepare for a meeting with a client. My client has requested something that I’ve never done before and I’m a little nervous.

“12:34 On the right track as I prepare for (a client meeting)”

“7:55 on the timer in the kitchen.” I look the number up.” Do what is right for me. Changes that will enrich me.”

“12:55 a life change that is happening for my highest good.”

“2:22 ‘stop worrying, everything is working out just ass it’s supposed to.’, Trust I am on the right path.”

“234 Stop worrying, ascended masters are with you. You are surrounded by angels.” Grandma is that you? I wonder if she is a guide.


This morning, Monday, March 1st

“7:17 – ‘Positive changes you made in your life put you in the spot you are in now. You are on the right track to see your life purpose and soul mission easily accomplished.”

“Tarot – The Star – bright prospects. Ace of Pentacles – perfect contentment, speedy intelligence. Justice – equity and rightness.”

As of the writing of this post, the synchronicities have quieted. The energy, my energy, has calmed. I feel like I’m through another cycle.



“11:11” Done editing and ready to post!


I hope, by sharing my experience, this will help someone, maybe you, get through their ascension process and understand their synchronicities.

Love you,