More Visits from Family in Spirit

Old family photos of my dad and grandmother.

The veil is thin this time of year, late in October. I hear it frequently. The awareness or structure that keeps our world separate from the spirit world is at its most permeable. I know this. I’ve heard about it for years. This year I experienced it for myself in the form of mediumship.


Halloween for me was a normal day. There were no costumes or decorations. It’s just not my thing. But I knew the veil was thin when she suddenly came into my awareness. A clairaudient message, one of her trademark phrases. I lost it in the fog, but I knew it was her coming through for the briefest of moments.

The veil is indeed thin. It was the first time that I had been able to pick up my grandmother’s energy. I think of her often. When she came through it was her as I had known her. Her round face, fair skin, and sunburned cheeks from her many hours of gardening. She had silver curls around her face. It is how I always see her, and it was how I sensed her that day.

I remember the images more than the words. It’s a cruel trick of the mind fog that comes with these beautiful blessings. I remember some of what happens while I sit in power but not all. Everything happens the way it is supposed to happen with these situations, so I let it go. I focus on being grateful and blessed with a perfect moment.

It was just that burst of energy. That blurt of word and sensed image. But that was all I needed as confirmation that the veil is indeed thin this time of year. It is not “spooky”, it is beautiful and healing.

Dad Came Back to Visit.

On November 2nd, while resting and watching YouTube videos, I realized that I was squeezing my right knee over and over. I connected with the energy. It was fuzzy, but I knew someone was coming through. The only person in my life that ever squeezed my knee like that was my dad. Dad came to visit.

He, like my mom recently, said “we are so proud” Tears burst from my eyes. I knew that we were healing me in relation to the Divine masculine. I mentioned it, and it was confirmed intuitively. But the best part was yet to come.

I began receiving images of the gifts he had bought me when I was young. My first handbag. It was pink and had a shoulder strap. I had forgotten about that bag long ago, but I saw it again in my awareness. Next, I saw a top he had bought me. Again, it was something I had forgotten about decades ago.

He showed me his hand. It had been injured. I knew it was him. He provided me with ample proof it was him. I continued to cry and to be with his energy. My right knee being squeezed in just that way. He even showed me a time when he scared me by squeezing that knee hard during a scary movie scene. 

Then I saw his face. It came to me in a wavy wobbly sort of way like how they do it films. But it was him. I saw him as I knew him the last time I saw him, with a tan and a mustache. I cried and healed.

My Thoughts on Mediumship in my Limited Experience.

Mediums rely on details to connect the people in spirit with the people they are reading for, their sitters. The proof is in the minutia of our lives. The details that no one could possibly know. The details that we don’t share on social media or in blogs. (It is why I’ve been vague about the proof that both my grandma and my father showed me.)

Knowing it was them, connecting with their energy, allowed me to heal. I’m so very grateful to experience mediumship. It has allowed me to heal my relationship with my mother and father. Besides healing, I have received guidance, love, and support. They are my favorite experiences during my spiritual awakening.

The image is old family photos of my dad and grandmother. Both transitioned long ago and yet feel so close. My grandmother often had that stern looking face which made her smiles and child-like giggles all the more magical. This is the only image I have of my dad. I am grateful to have it.

I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well,