Healing Through Spiritual Awakening

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There’s one aspect of my spiritual awakening that I’ve mentioned many times and have yet to review in totality. All the ways I have healed. It has been such an important theme of my spiritual awakening, yet it is a part that I mention only in passing. But recently I’ve been seeing the process from a higher perspective. I’m beginning to understand the scope of my healing through my spiritual awakening.

Goal Setting.

Early to midway through my awakening, I remember having a conversation with Spirit. I was asked what I wanted. It seemed then like we were casually talking, but in hindsight we were setting goals. What Spirit and I discussed became both a goal and a major theme in my awakening, one that would continue throughout the process.

The first thing that came to my mind when Spirit asked what I wanted was physical healing. I remember saying, “Heal this body.”  Again, I thought were just talking about that one experience while channeling. What happened next was a clue as to the extent of my request.

I felt the energy in the channel become more intense, then I felt something in my body. There was an energy zipping around, scanning me. When they focused on the right side of my chest, I heard, “There is damage.” This was after cancer, so, yes, there was damage. I remember replying, “I know. Do your best.”

Healing energy entered my body. It felt good, relaxing. I wasn’t magically healed of everything, but I felt better. Fast forward to today, years of healing energy have changed my life. And throughout my spiritual awakening I experienced healing in many ways.

Shadow Healing.

Doing shadow work was challenging. I had to bring the past pain into the present to experience it again and find peace with it. When it started, I knew it was healing, but I learned through the process that it impacts more than our mind. It also heals our body.

Recently we’ve been working on shadow aspects of personal and financial security, first chakra topics. In high school I injured my lower back. At the time we had moved states, and my whole world changed, I was scared and ungrounded. The work we are doing now is healing that first chakra shadow. My back is healing as we continue to clear the old energies.

As I heal there is a release of the trauma held in the body. Each trauma resides somewhere in my body. I could tell as we moved through the shadow work that various parts of my body were being healed. Every chakra has had a turn at shadow work and healing. The more we healed shadow, the more my body healed.

Sexual Healing.

Within my spiritual awakening, I also experienced a sexual awakening. It is an aspect of my awakening that I haven’t shared yet. I’m still not ready to share it in full, but I can say that there was healing mentally, physically, and emotionally.

As we worked through shadow aspects, we cleared trauma related to intimacy and sexuality. I healed, explored, and grew. I wasn’t becoming anything other than my true and authentic self. Mostly I was remembering who I was before all the traumas. I healed and became me again.

Kundalini Healing.

A couple of weeks after my sexual awakening, I experienced a kundalini awakening. I felt the strong snake-like energy burst from my base and snake upward through my body. It took healing to a whole new level. 

Every step of the way, kundalini was there to aid in my healing. After downloads, she writhes through my spine to ensure a deeper level of healing. The energy is so consistent that for a time I took it for granted, but no more. It is one of my greatest gifts.

I still experience those familiar snake-like moves as I continue to move through the cycles of spiritual awakening. It is extraordinary healing energy that aids in every aspect of my process.

Karmic Healing.

During my spiritual awakening I also experienced breast cancer. It brought with it additional aspects to my healing journey. Sometimes I call my cancer journey a “self-care journey” because that’s when I learned what self-care meant.

After neglecting myself for many years, I was tasked with focusing on and taking care of my body, first and foremost. I learned to balance my activity with my current energy level. I learned to receive help. I learned to care for my body as a sacred vessel. These were karmic lessons for me.

It was my karma. When spirit first brought this into my awareness, I was angry. I rejected it as cruelty. No one wants to hear that their cancer was their karma. But, in time, I saw the connection and learned to accept it as part of the process of awakening. We were then able to heal and release that karma.

Sharing Healing.

There was a time in my healing journey that I learned to share the healing energy that I was receiving from Spirit. About a year ago, when I was receiving a lot of energy healing, I realized that I could channel it outward.

I began to share the blessing of channeled healing on my YouTube channel. It felt good to share the blessings I had received. For a time, it was part of my purpose.

The more healing energy I shared, the more I received, but there was a tax. While receiving healing is additive to my overall energy level, sharing it was depleting me. I chose to pull back my energy and focus on my awakening process.

Spiritual Healing.

My spiritual awakening began with two words, “trust” and “write”. I knew I could write; trusting was the big challenge. I grew up not being able to trust the people around me. I grew up without church or faith in a higher power. I was going to have to learn to trust Spirit.

I learned to trust myself first. And then, spirit patiently showed me that I could trust them. I learned to trust my spirit team. I eventually learned to trust the process and have faith that my goals were being manifested. Much of my path has been breaking down mindsets that prevented me from putting full faith and trust into what I was experiencing.

From faithlessness and floundering to faithfulness and aligned with my Divine life path and soul purpose, spiritual healing has been a big part of my healing journey. Spirit held me every step of the way, even when I lacked faith. Spirit was always with me, patiently guiding me and preparing me for a faithful life. Spiritual healing changed my life forever.

Healing Now.

In hindsight, I can see how much I’ve healed - body, mind, heart, and soul. My body is mostly free from the old trauma. I still feel my age, damage from cancer, and my recently injured knee. I also feel better than I have in years. I feel free.

It is as though every part of my body has released trauma and has received healing energy. Old aches and pains have faded. My spine works better than it has since high school. I move in ways that were not possible five years ago.

My mind also has healed in ways that I didn’t know were possible. My thought processes have completely changed. They work for me instead of against me. Negative mindsets have been replaced by affirmations of unlimited possibilities, faith, and trust. My thoughts are on my side for a change, and life is beautiful for it.

After several phases of heart awakening, my dear sweet, heart has healed more than I imagined possible. My chest is healthier than it has ever been. My lungs function better than they have in years. More than just the physical healing, I have healed the shadow aspects that prevented me from receiving love. My heart is open. I am able to receive love in all forms - self-love, Divine love, and the kind of love that connects with my soul.

My soul, Flame. Healing has allowed me to connect with my soul. We communicate in numerous ways and connect as our higher self to navigate our purpose. Had I not healed and learned to trust Spirit, we would not have the connection we do, and I would not be able to live my soul’s purpose.

My spiritual awakening has been a journey of healing in every way possible. It was multifaceted and fascinating. Healing in every way allowed me to be aligned with my Divine life path and soul purpose.

And now, when presented with opportunities to grow and expand, I approach them from a healed and higher perspective. Instead of fear-based overthinking, we move forward in strength and wisdom. It is amazing how a simple question changed my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Healing through my spiritual awakening has been an extraordinary adventure.

Healing and Spiritual Awakening.

Each of us that are experiencing a spiritual awakening will have a unique set of goals and purposes. Most of us will experience healing in some way, shape, or form. Shadow work is healing. There is karmic healing happening. And, no doubt, there is spiritual healing occurring. There are infinite possibilities to the healing we can experience during spiritual awakening. Embrace healing through spiritual awakening.

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I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well, beautiful soul,