Finding Your Soul Purpose - Follow Your Intuition

A figure of a person and the words "follow your intuition".

This is a series about how to “find” your soul purpose that began with the post titled “How to Find Your Soul’s Purpose.” If you haven’t read it yet, you may want to start there. In this series I will expand on each part of the process mentioned in that post.

Following My Intuition and Finding My Purpose.

For years I looked for my soul’s purpose. I knew it wasn’t the finance and accounting career that I had fostered for decades. But I had no idea where to find it, so I tried to create a sense of purpose where I was. Then my spiritual awakening began, and my life began to change. Eventually, my soul’s purpose emerged from within me. It was there all along.

During my spiritual awakening, I set the intention to live by my intuition. I had to get out of my head. The overthinking and anxiety were creating inner chaos that was challenging. I learned to quiet that noise with mindfulness meditation. Learning to quiet my intrusive inner critic also helped quiet my mind.

Once I quieted my inner world I could “hear” my intuition. Without the inner chaos, my intuitive gifts had the space and energy they needed to develop. Claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairaudience began to emerge from the inner peace that I had created within myself.

With my clair senses developing, I was able to create a relationship with my soul. Our intuitive gifts served as the basis of our communication. Feeling and sensing our way to “yes” and “no” was the beginning.

I asked my intuition what a “yes” meant. My body twitched and wiggled in a certain way that I call a “twiggle”. If you have read this blog for a while, you’ve heard about my “twiggles”. We communicated accurately and often with simple “yes” and “no” questions.

Once we developed our language, my soul was able to guide me forward through my intuition. I followed it with intention. Instead of trying to connect the clues and figure it out, I released attachment to the outcome over and over as needed. At the time I had no idea that I was being guided towards my soul’s purpose. But, in hindsight, it seems obvious where we were going.

The places my soul, my intuition, my heart, took me were often confusing. When my thoughts took over, I went back to my mindfulness training and cleared the way for my intuitive gifts. I released the energy of doubts, fears, and attachment. I learned to trust my intuition and remained committed to following the path it laid out before me.

Sometimes it felt like we were doing the opposite of everything I used to do. But that makes sense now. Our old life was built by our ego. We had to do the opposite to create the life our soul came here to live. Of course, that feels uncomfortable. But over time we, my soul and I, began to co-create the most beautiful life.

My intuition had me doing the things that I forgot that I had loved. Decades of a very busy career had taken me away from the things that I enjoyed when I was younger. My soul, along with my heart, guided me back to them. Writing, morning walks, time in nature, music, it all came back to me by following my intuition.

Once I remembered what I loved, the old stuff started to fall away. I released old energies over and over. I stopped doing, and being, things that were part of the old life and the old way of being. That allowed me to spend more time doing and being what I loved. It is from that energy that our soul’s purpose emerged from within us. I was able to confirm it by asking “Is this our purpose?” A twiggle meant “yes”.

My former career was in finance and accounting. Starting this blog in 2020 felt foreign to me. It was doing the opposite of what I had done for decades. Writing articles and having them published was doing the opposite. But when I looked back at my life, I had been writing since I was very young. I won an award for creative writing when I was in grade school. When I started working in professional jobs, I was writing training manuals. I was always the one that people tapped for writing projects.

The blueprint to my life was always there. I just had to set aside the life my ego had created, listen to my intuitive guidance, listen to my heart, and allow my authentic self to emerge. The challenges were worth it to find my soul’s many purposes.

You Can do This.

There will be challenges. Especially if you’re as far away from your soul’s purpose as I was. Your life will change, and your intuition will be your guide. Trust the guidance no matter if where it is guiding you is weird and outside of your norm. Perhaps even especially if it is in a new direction. It is guiding you towards your truest, most authentic version of you.

Every time you follow your intuition you are being guided to the highest expression of you and your soul. You are being guided to what your soul wants, needs, desires to fulfill your purpose. Each step brings you closer to your soul’s purposes.

Your soul likely has several purposes. You may be living them now without your awareness. Ask your intuition. Follow it with faith and trust. If that isn’t available to you, ask for the faith and trust to follow your intuitive guidance.

Every choice, every decision is important. It sparks the energy that we are putting into the world. Be intentional about your goal of discovering your soul’s purpose. Ask your soul questions. Ask the Divine for the next right step.

It is all about your intention, your energy, and moving you towards your soul’s purpose, and purposes. It is an exploration. A discovery worthy of your energy and commitment. And all of that energy will be returned to you in balance.

We are Souls Having a Human Experience.

I often think about the idea that we are souls having a human experience. I believe that, and by living by my intuition it feels like I’m living a soul centered life. And this is no special superpower. We all have intuition. We can all develop a relationship with it, and by doing so we are choosing to live a soul centered life. We are then being the souls that are having this very human experience.

When looking for your soul’s purpose, listen to your intuition. It is your soul guiding you towards its purpose, the very reason it came here. Allow yourself to become sensitive to your clair senses and develop communication with your soul. Allow your soul to guide you towards the person you’re supposed to become.

Let go of the old ways of being, people, places, and things, that are no longer serving your goals and move towards your most authentic self. It is your soul’s purpose. Your soul, the Divine, and the universe want it for you as much as you want it. 

“…we all have wings, but some of us don’t know why…” Never Tear us Apart, INXS, Kick, 1987

I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well,