"Finding" Your Soul Purpose - 
Connect with Your Spiritual Team

A representation of a soul and text that reads "connect with Spirit".

This post is part of a series about “How to “Find” Your Soul Purpose”. You can read the original post here. In this series I am expanding on each part of the process that I used to find my soul’s purposes as mentioned in that original post. If I can find my soul's purposes, I know you can too.

From my own experience during my spiritual awakening, Spirit wants us to connect with them. Our spirit teams want to connect and provide love, support, protection, healing, and guidance. They want to co-create our spiritual paths. The same is true for our quest to discover our soul’s purpose.

In that quest, our soul becomes the point person. It and our spirit teams guide us forward using all forms of communication. Through their guidance, be it synchronicities or intuitive, we are moved forward on our path and towards our goals.

This post assumes our goal is to discover and live our soul’s purpose, but it holds true that our spirit teams desire communication with us and our soul no matter our intention. They desire the oneness of connecting with us.

They are our Support System.

On our path to finding our soul’s purpose it is unlikely that we have a support system in place. We may not know anyone who is pursuing their purpose in life. Some of us may not have other spiritual people in our life. And sometimes the changes we make mean that we have even fewer people in our life that we can count on to understand us and our path.

Our spiritual team is our support system while we align ourselves with our soul’s purpose. Our soul knows the path to its purpose. It is the leader, the point person, so to speak. Our soul will lead us forward on our path to bringing awareness to what our purposes are.

It is likely though that we will need the help of our entire spiritual team. If you’re here reading this, it is likely that you are already connected to spirit in some way. Lean on Spirit for love, support, protection, healing, and guidance.

Ask your team for help, for alignment to your soul’s purpose, and for the support that you need on the path to discovering your soul’s purpose. They are waiting to hear from you.

Begin or Continue the Conversation.

When I first started to connect with my spirit team, I didn’t know what I was doing but I was very well guided. We don’t need to know how to do it, but we do need to be intentional about creating our connection with the Divine.

If you’re here, you’re already being intentional about finding your soul’s purpose and that sends a powerful message. It tells your spirit team that you’re ready to connect. With that connection initiated you can then begin to co-create your experience be it for the purpose of discovering your soul’s purposes or your own unique spiritual path.

Once the connection is created you can ask spirit, God, the Divine, or whomever you ask, for help. Ask for guidance on your quest to discover your soul’s purpose. As I wrote in prior posts of this series, follow your intuition, follow your guidance, and manifest discovery of your purpose.

Bring Awareness to Guidance and Synchronicities.

When we ask for help, we must be open to receiving the answers as they appear. Whether it comes through intuitively, or it comes through physically as in synchronicities, trust the process. Trust and follow the guidance you receive.

I used to think that everything that I received could not possibly be a sign, a message from Spirit. I was wrong. When I began to connect with the signs I received, all of them, my path began to move more easily and quickly.

I was able to find flow when I accepted the signs and synchronicities. They are the language of Spirit, and of our soul. They are on your path to guide you forward.

Co-create your path with Spirit. Ask for the next right step. Ask for what you need and listen for the answers. Follow the path that is laid out before you. Rest when they say “rest”. Take action when the message is to take action.

Spirit and the universal energies love it when we follow through on their guidance. It shows our intention and commitment, and that is powerful energy. It will serve us well as we move forward.

Foster the Relationship.

Commit to practices that help you connect with your spirit team. Meditation, intuitive practices such as tarot, spending time in nature, encourage your connection with the Divine in your own unique way. It will foster and strengthen the relationship.

Remember your spirit team, your soul, want to help you discover your purpose. They support your goals that are aligned with your Divine life path and soul purpose.

You are not alone in your quest to find your soul’s purposes. Many of us have the same goal. Your soul, your entire spirit team, are with you and supporting you. The Divine and universal energies want all of us to live on purpose. And when you think about it, that sounds like heaven on earth.

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I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well,