"Finding" Your Soul Purpose -
Manifest Alignment to Your Soul Purpose

An line drawing representation of a soul reaching up to receive. The text reads "manifest alignment to your soul purpose."

This post is part of a series about “How to “Find” Your Soul’s Purpose.” You can read the original post here. In this series I will expand on each part of the process that I mentioned there.

Manifesting and its practices always seem to be trending topics. I see a lot of content that focuses on manifesting material things, or financial resources. Why not manifest alignment to our soul’s purpose, or purposes? Why not manifest the one thing that many of us want most in our lives, purpose?

It is possible to manifest awareness of our soul’s purpose, or purposes. Yes, it is likely that we have more than one purpose. I know because I have experienced it. The awareness, the steps, the process, the knowledge of what my soul’s purposes are in this life, I’ve manifested it. And if I can do it, so can you.

My Experience.

I don’t remember when, but I do remember asking to be aligned with my soul’s purpose. Soon after I began to receive messages about what my soul’s purposes were. Spirit let me know that I had already been living on purpose. I began to keep a list of the intentions, the work, what my soul came here to experience.

Some of what was revealed to me were things that I was already doing or being. They were only now emerging into my awareness once I set the intention to be aligned with them. Some were surprising like clearing ancestral karma, and some were obvious based on the work that I do here, such as writing about spirituality. Some have yet to emerge and come into fruition.

The more I look back, the more I see that the changes I had been experiencing during my spiritual awakening were bringing me into alignment with all my soul’s purposes. Every step was important. But when I was moving through those changes, they just seemed random and weird. Now, in hindsight, all those baby steps, all those changes, were manifesting my soul’s intention for this life.

There were both challenges and support. I asked my spirit team for faith and trust. I asked for guidance. I asked over and over for the things that I needed to help me move forward. And because I was manifesting my soul’s purpose, I received all the help that I needed. It is a magical and wonderous process.

A note before we move on, our souls will likely have more than one purpose. As of writing this post, I have been made aware of five purposes that my soul came here to experience. I have no doubt that more will emerge as I continue to move through my spiritual awakening. Expect to have multiple soul purposes for your life.

Manifest Alignment to Your Soul Purpose.

I am not going to tell you how to manifest. We each have our own connection with Spirit and we each have our own method of manifesting that works for us. If you don’t, this is your sign to create those connections and methods so that you too can manifest your soul’s purpose.

Manifest, pray, sit in power, do it your way. Do what works for you with the intention of aligning you to your soul’s purpose. Commit to the process, follow your intuition, and be open to what comes.

With the intention to manifest alignment, the resulting changes may not be straightforward. The steps may not be clear or linear. Allow your intuition to guide you forward. I wrote about that in a prior post in this series that you can read here. Trust the process as it unfolds for you even when it becomes challenging.

You may be guided to steps that prepare you spiritually, mentally, or emotionally. You may be guided to what you need to learn or how you need to grow to align you energetically with your purpose.

You may be redirected away from what isn’t in alignment. People, places and things may leave your life. It can be challenging but remember that rejection is protection and redirection. You are being guided towards alignment with your soul.

When things become challenging, ask for the next right step. Ask for clarity. Ask for guidance. Ask for faith and trust. You are manifesting the one thing that your soul, Spirit, and the universe wants most for you. You will receive help because you are manifesting what is in alignment with your soul.

Your soul’s purpose may be unexpected and may be more than one. It may look like the things you loved when you were young. It may be a passion that you’ve had your whole life but never pursued. It may be doing the things and being the person you are right now in this moment. It can be anything, which is why it is so important to trust the process and be open to what emerges.

When you find your purpose, you will know. It will feel aligned. It will be the thing or the energy that you connect with most easily. You may receive messages and guidance that tell you that you are fulfilling your purpose. You may feel fulfilled in a way that you never felt before. And you just may intuitively know that are doing and being exactly what you are here to do and be.

We can manifest alignment to our soul’s purpose. Allow your spirit team and the universal energies to help you realize your purpose. Allow your purpose to emerge from within that spiritual work. Allow your purposes to emerge from within you.

Your soul, Spirit, and the universe want this for you as much as you do so ask for the help that you need. It will be provided. And, in time, your soul’s purposes will emerge with intention, focus, faith, and trust.

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I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well,