"Finding" Your Soul Purpose -
Ignore the Haters, Skeptics, and Doubters

A graphical image of a soul reaching up and the text reads "ignore the haters and the inner critic".

This post is part of a series about “How to “Find” Your Soul’s Purpose”. You can read the original post here. In this series I will expand on each part of the process that I followed as mentioned in that original post.

Sometimes our Path is Through the Haters, Skeptics, and Doubters.

While on the path to our soul’s purpose, we may have people in our lives who don’t understand the changes we are experiencing, or the choices we are making. To put it simply, our loved ones aren’t on our path. They may not understand our desire to find our soul’s purpose. They may even have strong opinions about what our purpose is. That’s okay.

The people around us have their own path to navigate. It may even be part of our journey to help them through the changes, and maybe not. The people in our lives may be what we are to overcome. They may present the exact challenges that our soul came here to grow through.

In any case, we are here to focus on our own soul’s purpose. We are here to experience what our soul came here to do and to be. Even if the people around us try to disrupt our growth, we must ignore the haters, skeptics, and doubters. Especially if they come from within us.

Quiet the Inner Critic.

Sometimes the haters, skeptics, and doubters are our own inner critic. That part of ourselves thinks it knows what’s best for us and tries to protect us. It can kick up an internal storm as we begin to evolve on our spiritual path. Our soul’s purpose often lies on the other side of those doubts and fears.

Even though it tries, we don’t need our inner critic to protect us. We need to be free to explore our purpose in whatever way our soul wants to. If an intrusive inner critic is holding us back, it’s time to deal with it. I’ve written about my work to minimize and eliminate my own inner critic. You can read it here.

In short, I began by confronting my intrusive, negative inner critic. I called it out as the liar it was. Over time and with intention, I was able to shut it down. My inner critic no longer has a platform in my mind to speak its negativity and fear. The intrusive thoughts, doubts, and fears no longer hold power over me.

I was able to take back the power of my own mind by shutting down my inner critic. Imagine being able to move forward in life without a negative inner dialogue trying to keep you small and hold you back. I can tell you from experience that it is freeing, peaceful, and life changing. It was also a critical component of my spiritual path and my soul’s purpose.

Be Intentional with Your Thoughts, they are Powerful.

We are all creators of our existence. We think and speak our life into reality. Our thoughts are the energy we are putting into this world. Our thoughts are the fuel of our life. They are the expression of how we perceive our life. It is important to be mindful of the words that we think and speak.

Listen to the words of the people around you. Unhappy people use words that are perceived as negative. Insecure people use words perceived as fearful and doubtful. Happy people use words that are thought of as positive and uplifting, joyful and inclusive.

Observing peoples’ words can tell you a lot about how they view their world. By being mindful of our own words, internally and externally, we can ensure that we are putting the kind of energy we want to in the world. We are also ensuring clear communication with spirit and our soul.

Focus on Your Soul’s Path and Purpose.

As we make changes to allow our soul’s purpose to emerge, the people around us will react. Let them. Their opinion of us and our evolution is not our concern. They can say and do anything they want to, our path is ours alone to navigate. No one can move us off our path unless we consent and choose it. Hold onto your goal of finding your soul’s purpose.

Ignore the haters, skeptics, and doubters especially within your own thoughts. What is meant to be will be. Our spiritual paths will unfold before us just as they should. This is our path. Focus on your soul’s purpose and it will emerge from within you. 

I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well,