I am Developing Psychic Gifts.

When I wrote last week’s blog about transformation, I could not have imagined the changes yet to take place within me. My imagination is good, but it doesn't stretch that far. And now, I feel ready to be open with you about the changes, and ready move forward.

Over the course of the past 8 or 9 days, I’ve developed the ability to channel messages. I’ve felt the energy, received the messages, and spent time recovering from the energy and doing the energy work required. I have also shared the messages.

On my YouTube channel, I have been making videos about when and how it started and developed. These gifts are continuing to develop, and I have no idea what is to come. I’m remaining open to any and all possibilities.

I have also realized that I am able to read and take in other peoples’ energy and carry it with me. In a recent video, I talked about the time that I picked up energy from people that walked by me on the street. Fortunately, I recognized what happened and was able to clear the energy quickly.

This though, is not an isolated incident. I continue to absorb and carry other people’s energy and I don’t always identify it as easily I did that time on the street. There are times when I react or express energy that isn’t mine. It’s not always pretty, and it’s a work in progress.


I’m a Work in Progress.

This is all very new to me and along with identifying and clearing the energy, I’m learning how to protect my own energy. It’s like creating boundaries, but this is a boundary that is within my own energy field. I’m learning as I go.

If it’s something that is unbelievable to you, I understand. It was hard for me to believe and take in, but I found at least one other person who has gone through a similar experience. They too, couldn’t believe it when their gifts started to develop, but it was true.

The person that I’m talking about is, Alan Chapman. His YouTube channels are Shaman Oaks and Shaman Oaks Healing. I found a couple of his videos where he shares his realization of his gift of energy healing. It was helpful to hear how he didn’t understand what was happening but couldn’t deny the gifts that were developing.

From those videos I learned that these types of gifts do sometimes develop late in life. I also learned that developing these gifts is a new challenge that requires attention and work. I also learned that these gifts develop over time so I’m being patient and open to all possibilities.

At this stage of my life, I have no desire to struggle or deny who I am. These gifts and talents that are developing are who I truly am. I want to own that and stand in my truth. So, I’m stepping into this new me.

I channel messages, I can sense when things are going to happen, I feel energy including that of the people around me. It feels good to say it.

This is who I am now in this moment and that may develop and change with time. Part of me though, is really surprised and a little incredulous, so I get it if you are too.

Be well,


The picture is mine from the little park near where I live. It may not match this post, but what  picture would have?