We humans seem to have an extraordinary capacity for transformation. If you’re familiar with Joanne Molinaro who is known as the Korean Vegan on social media, you know that transformation is possible. We can go from busy corporate lives to become full time creatives like magical, badass butterflies.

What we see on the outside is a fraction of the change that is going on inside. To transform our outside lives, takes much more transformation on the inside. It takes commitment to our inner healing, creativity to imagine our lives differently from how we built them, and bravery to create the new life.


I Know About Transformation.

My spiritual awakening has transformed nearly every aspect of my life. I too went from unfulfilled corporate ladder climber to full-time creative. Each step came with its own challenges and rewards. The greater transformation though has been within me. The way I approach myself and the world.

It’s sometimes hard to write about all the changes that are happening within me. It feels like I’ve been through many different transformations over the last couple of years. Sometimes they seem indistinguishable and roll into one big transformation like seasons changing within the year.

The thing is, I don’t mind transformation and change. All this change that’s occurred in my life has been challenging and I would do it all again to be where I am now in my life. I’m far more peaceful and happier than I was when I felt stuck in a job and life that no longer resonated.


My Latest Transformation.

Since I became aware of my spiritual awakening, I’ve been allowing whatever transformation that needed to happen run its course. The work and the healing have all been worth it. It has been equally challenging and rewarding.

Lately I’ve been realizing a transformation that has surprised me. I was guided by my intuition towards lightwork and the idea of being a lightworker. In a recent YouTube video, I spoke about discovering that I am a lightworker, and since then, I’ve been learning to work with my energy body.

I love these changes, the part that is most challenging for me is trusting. By allowing transformation and change, I’m never sure what the outcome will be. I released attachment to the outcome of my spiritual awakening a long time ago. That doesn’t mean that it’s easy.

Letting go of attachment is a practice for me. In my old life, I strategized and planned my path forward. In this transformed life, I go with my heart, my intuition, and my wisdom from my healed self.

I have no idea who I will become when this cycle of my life completes, and maybe change and transformation never end. Whatever happens though, I’m sure it will be both challenging and rewarding.


Today’s Picture.

I found this little scene, see pic below, on a walk a couple of weeks ago. This weekend I passed by it again only to find that the leaves had withered away. The cycle of transformation continues.