Where our Attention Goes our Energy Flows

I’ve heard that phrase many times in recent years. And, I have to say it didn’t mean much to me until recently. I used to think of energy only in terms of what we were doing, our actions. Now I understand that our energy, our vibration, is also about our being.


We are Human Beings.

A few months ago, I took an online course with Eckart Tolle and others called “Being the Light: An Inner Journey to Accelerate Conscious Evolution in Times of Crisis”. In that class Mr. Tolle spoke of how human beings are both humans and beings. Humans do things and beings…well…be.

So, when we think about our attention and energy flows, we should not only consider our actions but also our being. Who are we being? How are we being? Are we bringing attention to our inner being?


Checking in on our Inner Energies.

The easiest way to understand our inner energy flow is to listen to our inner dialogue. Are we kind to ourselves? Are we avoiding, or blocking, areas of our lives? Are we anxious, or freely flowing?

What signals are our inner energies sending out into the universe/God/Source/Spirit? Are our inner energies serving us, our needs, and desires? Do our inner energies match what we desire?

What the universe/God/Source/Spirit is looking for is an energetic match. When it senses a match, it knows when we are ready for our next blessing. By the way, that’s what manifesting is.  

We will receive what our energy is tuned into. The good, the bad, and the karmic.


What is the Energy of Our Inner Being?

Going back to our quote, where our attention goes our energy flows.  

Right now, in the moment, where is our attention? What is our inner energy attuned to? What would we receive in this moment with our current inner energy?  What is the energy of our inner being?

Where is our attention, where is our energy?


Course Correcting our Energy.

If not satisfied with the answers to the questions above, we can make course corrections. Sometimes increasing our vibration will tune our energy but sometimes we’ll need to do some inner work. Our doing can often be in support of our being.

Put our attention where we want your energy to flow. Attend to the energies that we want to attract.

Where our attention goes our energy flows.