We can Grow Anywhere

A little flower growing through the cracks in the sidewalk.

I captured today’s image on the way home from brunch on Sunday morning. The little flower blooming from between the cracks in the sidewalk stopped me in my tracks. My only thought was, “We can grow anywhere we find ourselves.” It’s true, I know this from my own experience. We may not be in ideal circumstances, our situations may be challenging, but we can still grow and maybe even bloom.

Our inner world is ours. No one can disturb our inner world without our permission. We can prioritize our inner peace and our growth over the old patterns. We can invest in ourselves, in our personal growth, and spiritual path. We can prioritize ourselves and our growth above the distractions of our current situation.

We can surrender to the situation. I don’t mean to give in to it. I mean accept it. Our situation is what it is. It’s not ideal, there are many challenges. Are we going to allow our current situation to determine our path? Are we going to succumb or are we going to rise above? Are we choosing to grow? Are we choosing our own path? Are we choosing ourselves over our situation?

It’s about the mindset we’re choosing to hold. Are we thinking we’re limited because there are people around that don’t understand what we’re doing? Maybe we’re distracted by the situation rather than being focused on our own energy. Or are we able to focus on our growth and our needs? Where we place our attention is what grows in our life. It’s how energy flows and that determines our path.

Growing in a challenging situation develops inner strength. Over time we can develop energetic resilience. Is it the way we’d like to experience growth? No, we’d rather have an easier path. But whose path is “easy”. Not mine, and likely not yours either. Everyone’s path has its challenges, it’s how we grow.

We may also be in that situation to learn from grow from it, grow through it. If nothing happens by accident, if everything can be a lesson, it’s all part of our intricately connected life experience. It’s part of our karma and part of our path.

No matter what our situation is, we can still grow and bloom. We can give ourselves grace, lots of grace. We can be patient with ourselves. We can be resourceful in our situation and learn from it. We can continue to growth through the challenging situation if, for no other reason, than to grow out of it.

The image today is mine. It’s almost as if it chose to bloom regardless of its situation.

I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well,