Voting is Our Power

I am so tired of toxic masculinity, violence, and suppression. It seems every time I look at the news, there is someone taking away the rights of women, LGBTQIA, people of color, or someone is either assaulting or even bombing vulnerable populations.

Enough is enough.

Sometimes, as an individual, I feel powerless, but as a voter I know my power. Although that right for many has been suppressed as well and it may be a bigger challenge, still we must vote. We have the right to vote. Voting is our power.

If our elected officials aren’t behaving in the way we want them to, vote them out. If elected officials are committing crimes, vote them out. If elected officials are doing the bidding of a foreign power, vote them out.

We can have a better world by voting better humans into office. We can have a better world by voting in more women, scientists, LGBTQIA, and people of color. We can have a better world by voting in people who believe in the better world that we ourselves envision.

Our planet, our humanity has unlimited potential. We have many resources and much work to do to ensure that all humans are both protected and free. We choose who does that work with our votes.

We decide what politicians do with that potential by voting. But we all must vote, no matter how hard elected officials make it for us to vote. We decide our future by voting in every primary, mid-term, and presidential election. We will do what we can or have to do to vote.


Why We Need Everyone to Vote in 2022.  

To see justice served when politicians commit crimes.

To have laws enacted that will require politicians to resign from elected office for being convicted of crimes while in office.

To have laws enacted that disallow someone with a felony record from running or holding elected office.

To see people held responsible for planning, enacting, and participating in an attempted coup.

To see foreign propaganda removed from cable television and American news networks.

To ensure the right to vote for as many people vote as possible.

To make voting be as easy as possible, like in Colorado where I live.

To end all the distracting hatred and madness while the political minority is trying to install a minority rule government.

To see more action on climate change.

To see more action on social justice.

To attain health care for all.

To fully fund education at all levels. 

To ensure that women continue to have the right to choose and manage their own reproductive healthcare.

To ensure that LGBTQIA people feel safe and supported.

To ensure that people of color feel safe and supported.

To ensure that immigrants feel safe and supported.

To ensure people of all faiths to have the freedom to congregate safely.

To ensure more scientists, women, LGBTQIA, and people of color hold office.

To ensure that the United States of America remains a democratic republic.

It seems like a lot to do, but it is simple, vote. Vote and get as many of your friends to vote as possible. Some politicians have made it harder to vote because it will help them win. If we all vote, it foils their plans, and we all get to become the heroes of the story.

In movie terms, the bad guys are changing laws to prevent the good guys from voting because the bad guys know that if everyone votes they will lose. The bad guys are suppressing everyone they can trying to break the will of the people because it’s the only way they know they can win. They also cheat to win by gerrymandering their districts into unrecognizable shapes and sizes. They do all of this because know if they lose, they will lose their toxic power and their stranglehold over the rest of us.

But here’s the thing, there is no “them” versus “us”, the “good guys” versus the “bad guys”, we are all one. Some politicians try to break us apart, pointing fingers and disparaging vulnerable populations, to garner support. They pick us apart to create the scary, unworthy “other”. It’s a losing strategy. We are stronger together.


Vote for People who Love People.

We are all humans on this planet. We are all one human race. We may have different skin colors, different faiths, or sexual preferences, or ways in which we express our gender, but we are all one. We are human. We are human beings. Born of love, if not loved by humans, loved by spirit. We are all here on purpose.

We can’t allow the divisiveness and hateful behavior to continue unchecked and one way to check it is to vote. Vote for people who believe and see that we are all one. Or at least vote for people who believe in the goodness of people, who believe that all people deserve the best that we humans can deliver. Vote for people who see our unlimited potential.

Vote for people who love people in action not just in words.

Be well,


The image today was created in Canva.