How to Let Your Intuition Guide You to Your Theme for 2022

Words are so very important. They carry energy all their own. Choosing a word, or a theme, for the coming year is also important as it sets the intention of what’s to come.

We can think our theme into being or we can use our intuition, our gut instinct, our inner knowing. Thinking about our theme is helpful and may be our preferred way of creating our theme. We can also intuit our theme, our words for the coming year.

Consider this, our intuition doesn’t lie to us like our thoughts can. Our intuition comes from our gut and stored intelligence. It can’t steer us wrong because it doesn’t know how. It simply shows us the best way forward.

By listening to our intuition and letting it guide us, we are led closer to our purpose, our best life. Using our intuition when choosing a theme, also ensures that the theme will be aligned with our values and higher self.


Recognizing Intuition.

You may already have a good sense of how your intuition communicates with you, but if not, here is some of what I’ve learned over the years.

Firstly, know that intuition is different for everyone, and it can be developed with intention and practice. I have a YouTube video that may help in developing your intuition titled, 4 Exercises for Connecting with Our Intuition.

Secondly, sometimes intuition is a whisper, or an image that flashes across our mind’s eye. It can also be inspiration that pops into our awareness. Sometimes instead of a whisper or image, it may feel like a sensation. It can feel like gut instinct, a gentle pull, or an inner knowing.

Thirdly, because it comes through in different ways, it can take time to identify. Be patient with yourself. Sitting in stillness whether meditation, or for the intention of hearing your intuition, is recommended.

Stillness helps to identify intuition when it comes through, however it comes through. To ‘listen’ to our intuition, we must get quiet. Intuition whispers or signals. It rarely, if ever, shouts. Getting quiet will almost always be, step one.


How to Use Intuition for Setting Your Theme.

Get quiet or meditate with intention. Be specific about your intention to create your theme for the year 2022. You can say it internally, or you can ask it as a question. “What will my theme be for 2022?” Or you can begin the sentence, “My word for 2022 is…” and see what comes into your awareness first. The first thing, unless it’s doubt or fear, is the answer.  

Listen for the answer. If you’re connected with your intuition, you will be able to discern the answer the way you usually do. If you’re not familiar with your intuition, take some time to ‘listen’ for the answer. Be gentle with yourself if it takes a few tries before you notice how your intuition ‘speaks’ to you. It is a practice.

When you receive the message, trust it. Believe that it is what is intended for you. Remember, intuition doesn’t lie, and it will not lead you astray. It will take you towards your dreams, what you truly want.

Release attachment to the answer. Let whatever comes to you, come. It will likely surprise you and may even seem odd or seem unlike you or your thoughts. Do not allow your thoughts to detract you or change your answer. Just allow it to be.

Case in point. Last year at this time my intuition brought me the word ‘expansion’ for my 2021 theme. It didn’t resonate and I hesitated to use it, but I trusted my intuition. I also added ‘authentic’ to it to help it resonate for me. At the time, I couldn’t just let it be. My theme became ‘authentic expansion’.

For most of the year my theme made no sense. But 2021 was not a normal year for many reasons. There were times throughout the year when I would check-in with my theme and couldn’t understand how it fit.

Then, late in the year, the word ‘expansion’ began to show up in the tarot and astrology readings that I enjoy. In hindsight, I can see now how my theme of ‘expansion’ came through in 2021.

My intuition has expanded. My work, after closing my coaching business, expanded to YouTube. My capacity for love has expanded. My inner peace has expanded. I experienced expansion in many ways this year.


Amazing things can happen when we go where our intuition guides us. Using our intuition is not limited to our theme for the year, we can use our intuition in any and all areas of our lives. Remember it guides us towards our purpose, our best life.

When I consulted my intuition for my 2022 theme, ‘ready for anything’ jumped into my awareness. I’m going with it and trusting my intuition without changing it or adding words. I am ready for anything.


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Be well,