Universal Energies and Changing Years.

2021 a Time of Great Change.

When you add the numbers of 2021, it equals the number five (2+0+2+1=5), which is the number change, movements, pushing boundaries, and of freedom. So, it’s not surprising that we were challenged so well in 2021.

We can see all these themes play out in the collective and in our own lives. It feels as though we’ve been challenged in many ways. Old structures, old ways, were toppled, dismantled, and new ways are being formed.

We’ve been tested and have evolved or adapted to new energies, new ways of being. As we move into next year, we will be settling into all the changes that we made in 2021.


2022 a Time of Love.

Next year, 2022, those numbers equal six (2+0+2+2=6). The number six represents love, family, responsibility, and being of service to others. And it all sounds so much better than ‘change’!

Things may begin to settle and solidify after a challenging five year. We begin to heal from the challenges of 2021. With these six energies we have the opportunity to reconnect with our actual families or our soul family.

Our home life and responsibilities come to the forefront. We may put more effort into how our home feels or works for us. We may even want to redecorate. It’s a great year for creating sanctuaries for ourselves in our homes.

With this energy, self-love and self-care become even more important. We can begin to invest more time and energy into ourselves, our care, like that sanctuary.


Choosing a Theme.

With these energies in mind, we can begin our annual lookback. Let’s remember to be gentle with ourselves when we review the challenges that we faced in 2021. It’s a lookback to learn, not to dwell.

When choosing our theme for 2022, let’s reflect on the energies of love, family, home, and responsibility. In what ways can we leverage those energies to create a beautiful theme for ourselves?

The Picture. 

The picture today is mine. On the left is the five of wands representing conflict and disagreements. On the right is the six of wands representing success and public recognition. The energy of these cards represents the difference between the five and six energies.

I'm so grateful for you dear reader.

Be well,