Understanding Faith

A heart with wings on a sky background.

Understanding Faith.

Life is challenging. No matter who we are or what we do, life presents us with challenges. It is up to us how we respond. We can freak out and panic or we can sit in faith and trust that everything will work out for the best for all involved, and in Divine and perfect timing. In other words, we can choose to have faith.

Faith is a belief. A belief that no matter what everything is going according to the Divine plan for our lives even when we are experiencing challenges. Or perhaps, especially when we are experiencing challenges.

My Faith.

My spiritual awakening began with the phrase, “trust and write”. I was more confident in writing than I was in trusting. I knew that cultivating faith and trust was going to be…interesting. I had lived most of my life not trusting the people around me, including family. Trust was going to be a major theme of my spiritual awakening.

Additionally, faith was not part of my life…in any way. I remember going to church with a friend’s family when I was young. Other than that, I wasn’t raised with religion. And a faith-based belief system wasn’t modeled for me by anyone around me. I knew that people went to church, but I never saw faith in action. I never saw anyone rely on their faith.

The faith I have now has been cultivated. I set the intention to trust the spiritual experiences that were happening for me. I was challenged to put my faith in my intuition, spirit, angels, and ancestors in Spirit. My faith was intentional, a choice. It was a choice I made long before I knew what it meant. My faith was built from the ground up and co-created with my spirit team.

The other day, just when things were flowing smoothly, my life encountered fresh challenges. My response surprised me. Instead of freaking out and overthinking it, I affirmed my faith in my Divine life path and soul purposes. “I have faith and trust that I will always be loved, supported, protected, and guided by Spirit.”

Of course, I experienced the usual emotions of doubts and fears. But instead of feeding the emotions, I felt them and released them to my spirit team in another expression of faith. It didn’t happen just once, but over and over again until I felt at peace. My faith provided me with a soft landing and inner peace.

My faith allowed me to experience life’s challenges and remain in integrity with my spiritual life. My faith ensured that I had a safe space to rest my fearful mind upon. My faith, once again, held me as I cried. And my faith tells me that I am in alignment with my Divine life path and soul purpose while experiencing challenges. My faith tells me to trust and write.

Our Faith.

Our faith can support us through challenging times in our lives. It can be a blanket of comfort and a pillow to rest upon. Faith can help us understand the paths that our life takes. It can help us understand the world in which we live. Our faith can ensure that we are in integrity with our spiritual and personal life.

Our faith isn’t a magical gift. Our faith is co-created with Spirit. Faith is a choice to trust Spirit and our intuition. Our faith is a place where we can rest when life challenges us. Faith is our safe space in our inner world. And, in the words of George Michael, “I just got to have faith!”

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I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well, beautiful soul,