Un-Branding Me.

Between this blog, a few articles, and my recently paused YouTube channel, I write and talk about three main themes.

First, is spirituality. I write and talk about my experiences with spiritual/consciousness awakening and my understanding of various spiritual topics. My spiritual practices and experiences are an important part of my life.  

Secondly, is personal growth. I used to be a life coach. I trained with a coaching school and received an education in emotional intelligence. After my training, I set up my business, my website, and shifted the focus of my social media. It was a career that I worked hard for, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Thirdly, I write and talk about my experience with breast cancer. It’s been almost 12 months since my diagnosis. Some days I think it’s in the past, but recently I was reminded that it’s still very much part of my present.

It was after my cancer diagnosis that I paused my coaching practice. My coaching career was so new, I couldn't imagine closing it, but I did. While healing from surgery and treatment I had to admit to myself that it was time to close it permanently. I couldn’t share energy that I didn’t have.

Restarting my career has been challenging. My energy was precious, and I had to spend it wisely. I followed my heart and did what I loved. I wrote a blog and articles and, for a short while, created videos for my YouTube channel.

You can still see remnants of my short-lived coaching career in the way I ‘brand’ my online presence. When I was a coach, it was important to stand out to have a niche and branding. I selected colors and wrote copy for my website. The images I used were carefully selected.

I was comfortable in that branded lane. It was an image that I could fit into. But now, without a business to market, the branding serves no purpose. Maybe in the past it was cover for an introvert, but it’s no longer needed.

My experiences the past few years have taught me that I no longer need an image to stand behind. I have things to say. I have experience and wisdom to share. It’s time to un-brand me.

After 54 years of life, I’m comfortable being me.

I’ve had several careers and breast cancer all within the past few years. I love to write and will continue to write and, hopefully one day, make a career of it. But for now, I am not a brand. I am me.

I am Nikki DeForest.

The Sunflower Picture.

This picture is mine from a walk last summer. I use it again to honor the people of Ukraine. Their strength and spirit are inspiring as they fight a war that they didn’t want.

Sunflowers are symbolic of happiness and optimism. And because of Ukraine, they also symbolize nuclear disarmament.

Be well,