Today is Monday

Today is Monday.

On Mondays I post on my blog. I woke up today ready to continue writing the blog piece that I had started yesterday. But that was yesterday. Today brought different feelings and yesterday’s piece no longer resonated.

After taking care of things around the house and perusing social media for inspiration…nothing. I still hadn’t identified a topic for today’s blog that resonated. So, I sat down to start writing…something.  

Isn’t that just like life? You get started in one direction and then you wake up the next day with a different perspective and you aren’t sure which direction to go in.

In the past I would have pushed forward head down, grinding through the day, swearing at Monday.

These days, as unpredictable as 2020 is, I like to get curious and see what the day will bring.

So, I guess that’s the piece, taking each day as it comes and greet it with curiosity.

No matter what the day brings you, or how you feel about it, let each day be what it is. If the day comes with clarity, fear, purpose, fatigue, new learning… it’s okay. It is what it is.

Take the day as it comes. Don’t judge the day, let it be what it is. Each day has different needs and challenges. Each day will happen whether we like it or not. Just let each day be what it is.

And don’t judge yourself for how you navigate each day. Each day you have different needs and challenges. Each day will be a different experience for you. Don’t judge yourself, just be with the experience.

We wake up each day not knowing what it will bring. What if we take it as it comes and approach it with curiosity?

We can even greet Monday with curiosity instead of judging it. (Mondays get judged so harshly.)

What if we woke up next Monday with the attitude of, “Hi Monday, what do you have in store for me today?”

It certainly feels better than, “fuck Mondays”. But no judgment here.