The Many Ways Spirit Speaks to Me

Spirit speaks to me in a number of ways. Angel numbers, synchronicities, divination tools, music, and even typos are all part of our communication. I thought I’d share some of the most common ways spirit speaks to me in case they sounded familiar to you, because spirit speaks to all of us even when we aren’t paying attention.

Numerical Synchronicities aka Angel Numbers.

The most frequent way spirit speaks to me is through angel numbers, aka synchronistic numbers. I see patterned and sequential numbers on repeat daily. Repeating number ones mean an energetic gateway has opened and we are leveling up. Fives mean changes are coming. Threes mean angels are near and likely helping or ready to help. Without a doubt in terms of frequency, synchronistic numbers are the most consistent form of communication I have with spirit.

That said the meanings of the numbers can have several interpretations. There are many resources online and I reviewed many until I found a single source that resonated with me and that I trusted, Sacred Scribe. Even within this trusted source there are several meanings for most angel numbers. Between the number meaning and what’s happening my life, I can usually understand the messages and how they resonate for me.

Physical Synchronicities.

Besides numbers, I sometimes receive physical synchronicities. One of the first ones that I am aware of, was a simple playing card. I was out on a walk and mulling something over when I found a playing card, the ten of hearts. (I mentioned in a blog post when it happened in April.). My intuition flared when I saw it and I knew it was a sign. I had the answer to what I was mulling over. That was the first time I’m aware of it happening, although I’m sure there were more before I realized them.

Recently, I had been receiving several angel numbers with meanings about changing my environment and refreshing my living space. I disregarded them and chose other meanings associated with the numbers. Eventually spirit got what it wanted. I came home from an errand one day to find that my husband had moved the living room furniture, rugs, and even the plants around. My environment had been changed.

After initially being resistant to the change, I surrendered to the process and began decorating. I moved furniture to balance the room. I moved the side tables around to make it work. I placed the plants in places that were beneficial to them. I made it look beautiful. Afterwards the energy in the space felt great. Spirit was right. My living space needed to be changed and the energy refreshed. It didn’t matter that I had been ignoring the messages the change happened.

Divination Tools.

Tarot and oracle cards are one my favorite divination tools and ways to communicate with spirit. They are a beautiful and interesting way to get answers. I can shuffle and ask a question and know that spirit will guide me.

My first card pulls were as simple as, “Tell me about my day today.” I would shuffle and intuitively pull the cards and record the results in my journal. Often, I would pull cards and think, “That’s not in the plan today.” At the end of the day, I would look back to my journal and the cards described exactly what happened even the things that weren’t initially in the plan. I learned to trust the cards no matter what they said, spirit was speaking through them.

Oracle cards are different from tarot. Tarot is a system based on an established set of guidelines and traditions. Oracle cards are not a system. They can be anything that the deck creator chooses. One of my favorite oracle decks is the Spirit of the Animals Oracle. I had an amazing experience with that deck this weekend.

I was watching a tarot reading on YouTube and the reader said that a raccoon had just walked across their yard. I reached for my Spirit of the Animals deck. I couldn't find the raccoon card, so I shuffled and asked for assistance. Instead of finding the raccoon card, I received an impromptu reading. Spirit guided me to a series of cards each one more meaningful than the last. I had answers to my recent questions about my career. It was brilliant, amazing, and so helpful and in that reading the raccoon card did appear.

Music, Songs, and Lyrics.

I love when spirit speaks to me through music. I’m sure it’s happened to you most of us. We hear a favorite song just at the right time and the lyrics speak to our soul. It’s not surprising that spirit speaks through music because we connect with it so deeply.

There are many music lyrics in my head. I can almost always sing along to music. Again, it’s not surprising that spirit connects with me through music. But it is surprising when I’m thinking about a challenge in my life, and I hear a song on my head that answers it perfectly.

Like the day I was thinking about my next career move and, in my head, I hear the song, “Tomorrow is My Turn” by Nina Simone. So good and exactly that I needed to hear in that moment. Or the day that I was sitting on a patio at Union Station and Nina Simone’s Feeling Good came into my awareness. I could hear it and it rang true. I was feeling good. Spirit doesn’t always send me Nina Simone, but whichever song they send me carries a message for me in that moment.

Typing Errors and Word Count.

This one is so consistent that I can’t ignore it when describing the ways spirit speaks to me. When I’m writing, I know I’m on the right track when I begin randomly inserting zeros into the text like this000. Spirit is telling me that they are pleased with what I’m writing about. It even happened as I was writing this post and more than once.

Word count is never my goal, but often word count tells me when the story or post is complete. There are always drafts, but at some point, the drafts feel done, and my eyes are pulled to the word count. I know when it’s done because the word count is an angel number, and often one of encouragement and support.

These are the ways spirit speaks to me, but there are likely as many ways for spirit to speak as there are human beings on this planet. How does spirit speak to you?

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Be well,