My Higher Self

An outline of a meditating figure each one bigger than the next. It represents the various aspects of the self, including the higher self.

During my spiritual awakening, as I worked through my shadow, I found value in breaking out aspects of myself. For example, it was easier for me to work with the ego apart from my heart. I could connect with my soul with more ease when the ego was quiet. By working with those parts of me, in their parts, I could focus on what was most needed part by part. In that process, I found my higher self.

When I wanted to tamp down the energies of doubts and fears, I would talk to my ego. It would often sound like, “Thank you ego. I know you’re trying to protect us, but heart and soul are handling this situation. Please calm down, everything is going to be okay.” I would keep talking until the doubts and fears would pass, and then take the next step.

Talking to my ego helped me in several ways. It allowed me to detach from my ego, which allowed me to move through the doubts and fears. It made it easier for me to move forward. I was also able to be grounded in other aspects of me. Meaning, my heart and soul were my foundation when ego as fearful. That allowed me to operate from my heart and soul. No matter what fear I was feeling, I remained grounded.

I also talk to my heart. She is my dear, sweet heart. I haven’t known her long. We met during my heart awakening. She is both sensitive and powerful. We’ve established an ability to communicate. I know when she’s activated, when she’s happy, and when she is less so. We, along with our soul, co-create our life, and our writing.

My soul, Flame, and I have a beautiful and wonderful relationship. Varying degrees of what I call “twiggles”, are our language. I know when Flame is happy and celebrating. I also know when she is loving and soothing. She runs the show. She chose this path. She chose to awaken. She chooses our steps forward. Above all, she communicates directly with spirit. It is the most important relationship in my life.

This group of aspects, of me, make up who I am and how I operate. I get to love and encourage the parts of me. I get to calm the parts that are anxious. I get to soothe myself from the inside out. When Ego gets activated, I can talk him off the ledge. When Heart has been quiet, I can love her. When Soul gets tired, I can rest her. We are an integrated team, and every team needs a leader.

The quarterback of our team is our higher self. It speaks for all the parts, and to all the parts. That’s how I perceive my higher self. It is the one who is aware of the various aspects of me. My higher self is the coordinator of our inner world. She sees the bigger picture and can direct the various parts of me to do, or be, what we need to navigate through this spiritual awakening.

Our higher self is the one who can cheer us on when we are doing inner work. She is, mine is feminine, the one who calls us out when we fall back on old patterns. She is in alignment with our soul intention. Our highest authentic expression of our divinity is our higher self.

I’m sure there are many opinions about what, or who, our higher self is. This is my experience. This is how I perceive my higher self. It is the one who is highest level of our consciousness. She is me, the very best part of me.

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I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well,