The Energy of Change.

Change is in the Sky.

There was a full moon last week on the 16th. Full moon energy is about completion and releasing what is no longer serving us. We may realize uncomfortable truths about what no longer resonates. We may feel ready to move past situations that have been holding us back. We may desire change.

Tomorrow, February 22, 2022, carries an energy of 22222. As an angel number, 22222 represents balance, harmony, and adaptability. In numerology, two (2) represents balance, diplomacy, and relationships. The energy reminds us to find balance in our lives and relationships. We are in the energy of change.

Releasing what no longer resonates, creates space for the new to come in. If we’ve been waiting for something to change, considering release something that is no longer serving a purpose. Release something that is blocking progress. Let go and allow change to occur.

If that sounds scary, soothe that part of you that is resisting. If change feels challenging, have faith. Follow your heart, ask what it wants.  

Get still, go within, and ask what your heart wants. It will tell you. Not always in words, it may tell you in a feeling, in a pull towards something, some place, or someone. Trust that. Trust what your heart is telling you. Your heart will never lie.


Changing Me.

I’m still finding my way forward after cancer. The life I had before my diagnosis isn’t one that I can return to, it no longer resonates. As I find my way forward again, I’m building a life that I never could have dreamed of before.

Each pivot, each change of direction is a little scary. And each time I have learned something. Sometimes I learn about myself, what I can do and how strong I am. Other times, I learn what’s not for me. Either way, it’s all information that I can use to move forward on purpose.

With that in mind, I’m pausing my YouTube channel. It was so much fun, and I learned so much. I may return to it at some point, if I feel called to, but for now it’s time to release that energy. Other things are calling to me now.

My heart is calling me towards writing full-time. It’s what makes me feel like me. Even when it’s hard, it’s fun. It’s like a puzzle that I get to create and solve at the same time. It’s filling my soul and creating flow. I am more alive when I write.  

And with that, the chains are off my blog. That sounds more dramatic than it is, but what it means is that I may be posting more frequently and differently. If I’m inspired to write a short story and feel the urge to share it, I will share it on my blog. I release the self-imposed Monday only posting and open to new possibilities. I open my life to new possibilities. 

Changing You.

No matter how this energy of change impacts you, I hope you see your way through. I hope you’re able to release self-imposed restrictions. I hope that you’re able to follow your heart. I believe that’s what this world needs now, more of us following our heart.

Love you.

Be well,


The picture today is mine from the train station near my house. It's a reminder that weather changes even more than we do and that our paths can lead us anywhere we choose.