Synchronicities: What I Wish I had Known from the Beginning

The text reads "Synchronicities; what I wish I had known from the beginning"

I’ve been seeing number synchronicities for years now. I see repeating numbers like 333, 444, and 555. I also see specific numbers 275 repeats often, and I’ve also seen 911 and 187 repeating recently. Sometimes I will get showered by numbers such as 1s and 5s, and 1s and 7s. I see synchronistic numbers every day.

When I see the numbers, I will receive the numbers. That’s as simple as saying, “I receive 333. Thank you, angels”. It’s important to acknowledge to Spirit that we have received their messages. Angels want to be acknowledged to ensure that we’ve received their communication. Receiving the synchronistic messages is an important part of the process.

Another thing that I’ve found important is to know what those numbers, those messages, mean. When I receive a synchronistic number, I will acknowledge it along with the message it brings. Just now, I saw 7:55 pm and 7:57 pm. To acknowledge those numbers I say, “I receive 7s and 5s and the message to stay on my present course. Thank you, angels.” Combining the receipt of the numbers with messages they bring ensures proper communication which is the point of receiving them.

These repeating numbers serve a purpose during our awakening or while on our path. They are messages from our angels, guiding us forward, giving us reminders, helping us. They are important to our spiritual path, and I wondered if I could maximize the messages, guidance, and reminders.

What I Wish I had Known from the Beginning.

There is something that I’ve started to do recently that seems to have put a little booster pack onto each of those synchronistic numbers. I’ve started to receive the numbers, state the messages, and turn that message into an affirmation. As with the 7s and 5s example above, I would say “I receive 7s and 5s. Stay on my present course, yes, angels, I will stay on my present course.”

Okay, maybe that’s not the most impactful example so here’s another. The number sequence, 555, is an important one. It means major life changes are coming. To receive it I say, “I receive 555, angels, thank you. Major life changes are coming. I open to receive major life changes and am grateful.” We affirm the message and the changes. And, bonus, we express gratitude for those changes in advance which puts us in a higher vibration to receive the changes.

Another example is to affirm the positive news delivered via synchronicity. The number 1010, whether it’s on a clock or game score, is a message of and cycle ending and a new beginning. “I receive 1010 and am grateful to have completed another cycle and open to the new cycle.”

When the number 222 repeats, it can mean that everything will work out for the best. I receive this one when I’m carrying the frequency of worry. “I receive the message of 222 and acknowledge that everything will work out for the best.” And then, I will release the energy of worry and affirm the message. “I release any and all energies of doubts and fears. I affirm that everything will work out for the best and highest good.” I have acknowledged the message, released the energy, and have affirmed the message, all in one breath. It’s so much good energy. I really wish I had known this from the beginning.

We can turn our synchronicities into positive affirmations of our work, of our path, of our readiness to move forward. We know that the synchronicities are communication, but maybe they are just a simple message, maybe they are guidance for to affirm the work we’ve done, and the path forward. By affirming them we can boost their message and boost our spiritual path.

Since I’ve been doing this, I feel more empowered to receive the changes, and the encouragement. Repeating 7s and 0s are one of my favorite synchronistic numbers. The message is that we “deserve accolades for the mental, physical, and spiritual work” we’ve been doing. I receive them by with gratitude, “Thank you, angels, I receive your accolades and I am grateful for your guidance and love.”

There is just something about upgrading how we receive the synchronistic numbers that seems to super charge them a little. Or maybe, angels like to be acknowledged for their work just as we do. The extra positive energy seems to go a long way, and I really wish I had known to do this earlier.

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