Spiritual Flu, Ascension Symptoms, the Purge

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Spiritual flu, ascension symptoms, the purge, are names for the same thing, our body’s reaction to deep energy releasing. In my experience, it typically happens when we have completed inner work and are removing old energy and releasing it from our body.

When we release a lot of that old dense energy, it can feel like flu symptoms as the energy uproots itself from our body and makes its way out. I won’t go into all the symptoms of the flu. You know your body, and you know what the flu feels like to you.

Throughout my spiritual awakening, I have experienced spiritual flu when I’m doing deep inner work. Part of doing the work is identifying our triggers, experiencing the emotions, finding a new perspective, and releasing the old energy. It’s that old, toxic energy that has been stuck in our bodies that we are releasing. And when a lot of it releases, it can sometimes feel like flu-like symptoms.

After a recent video, my YouTube channel suddenly experienced a wave of expansion, which also led to my social media connections expanding. I am truly grateful and It’s all so much fun. It’s also been an opportunity to do more inner work, an opportunity to uncover more shadow in need of work. And, as it does, the work presented itself.

There was one of those annoying negative loops playing in mind. It was a comment, a judgmental and negative comment that I know had nothing to do with me. It was the commenter’s own opinion and it had nothing to do with me. But my mind began rolling through the many replies I could send, and it wouldn’t stop. I kept trying to release the energy of the comment loop playing in my head, but it wasn’t working. I would just create a few new replies, over and over.

I could feel the heavy, dense energy of my overthinking and negative reply loop, weighing me down. In that situation, releasing the energy is my first step. If it’s someone else’s energy, or something clinging to my energy, releasing will take care of it. I set the intention to release energies that were no longer serving a positive purpose. But that didn’t work. Which meant that there was likely an opportunity to learn from this experience.

Next, I asked, “What is the lesson in this?”. In a clairvoyant flash, I saw me leaving a negative comment on someone else’s channel once. My comment was judgmental and the reply I got was negative. I had done the same thing that I wanted to do to that person in the comments on my channel. Oh, hi, conscious awareness. Nice to meet you.

The answer wasn’t to release, but it was to receive the lesson, the karma. I acknowledged the message, affirmed my new understanding. Felt what I had to feel. And then spirit began helping me release the energy. It was surprisingly big energy and the release felt like hard abdominal crunches, wringing me out like a wet washcloth.

For me, it is a very embodied experience; my body reacts to the release of that energy. It is sometimes a physical tension, a contracting core. I believe that the increase in the energy that I was spending on my channel and social media, also strained my energy. The combination of these big energies, releasing and depletion, led to me having spiritual flu.

At first, I thought I was sick with a bug that had been going around. But it was intuitively confirmed to be spiritual flu. And, yes, it feels like a much milder version of the flu. No matter though, for me the treatment is similar. In short, it’s a lot of self-care.

Care for the Spiritual Flu.

Speaking from my own experience, spiritual flu symptoms are lighter than the actual flu. But that’s just my experience. Our symptoms may differ as our bodies and health are unique to us. Listen to what your body needs, or what your own intuition is telling you.

Rest – Just like with any illness, rest is needed. Follow the guidance of your body.

Hydration – Again, as with any illness hydration always helps our bodies. Water will help flush the old, yucky energy.

Immune system support – In whatever way serves you and your body. Again, this will be different for each of us. For me, I prefer vitamin C and elderberry.

Salt Bath – The hot water and salt really help the aches and pains. I prefer very hot, salty, lavender filled baths when I’m feeling ascension symptoms. Which is where I was when spirit guided me through the karmic releasing and again to soak away the spiritual flu.

Crystals – My intuition guided me to two crystals during my recent bout with spiritual flu. If it resonates, try tourmaline and agate. Tourmaline can help with dispersal of negative energies and clearing of blockages. Agate has a way of balancing energies. I felt they helped me.

In my experience, spiritual flu lasts 24-48 hours, and that’s with doing the care tips listed above. Do what’s right for you. You know what’s best for you and your body. And, as always, follow your intuition.

I'm grateful you're here.

Be well,